Authentic 19th Century Recipe for a Ham Sandwich

Nov 26, 2016
central NC

Family picnic (Wikimedia) - Wonder if they had ham sandwiches?

In the mid-1800s the word sandwich was almost synonymous with ham. If you ordered a sandwich, it was likely ham. If you went on a picnic, you likely had ham sandwiches to eat. This is a recipe for making the perfect ham sandwich courtesy of Sacramento’s Weekly Rescue on January 19, 1877...

~Ham Sandwiches~

2 c. cooked ham, finely minced
2 tsp. mustard
2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
1-2 tsp. hot pepper sauce
Cayenne pepper to taste

Combine all ingredients together.
Cut the crusts off the bread and butter each slice. Add the ham and slice on the diagonal.

As early as the late 1860s, you could find ham, tongue and corned beef sandwiches with mustard in restaurants. By 1899, The World-Herald in Omaha, Nebraska, reported on 64 types of sandwiches, which included turkey, chicken, sardine, egg, anchovy and tomato. In addition to savory sandwiches, sweet sandwiches were also eaten, such as shaved chocolate and plum cake sandwiches. Sandwiches did not become a mainstay noonday meal until around the turn of the 20th century.​


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Aug 16, 2015
Thanks for sharing! Sounds good, but i'd have to double the hot pepper sauce.... For now, I'll just take a few very thin slices of smoked ham with mustard- maybe some Swiss Cheese- on bread....

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