1863 Shiloh Sharps Rifles... Comparing Farmington and later Montana production

Nov 28, 2018
I own a couple Shiloh 1863 rifles and the most recent acquisition was a later production gun (Montana address). I have noticed some differences between the Montana and the Farmington issue that are interesting and before I make up loads for the new gal, I thought I would see if anyone has any related experience. Differences seem to be a more shallow rifling in the later guns and a little more restrictive chamber.. Bore seems to be slightly smaller but I have not measured it yet.. It also has some cosmetic differences in blueing, case hardening etc but in regards to its ability to hit a target, are there any things I need to watch for?
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Jul 17, 2015
There are a number of factors with regards to Sharps. I compete with an IAB Sharps in NSSA (see the sticky at the top of THIS forum!). In real world terms, Shiloh, Garrett, Farmington, et al, are all capable of fine accuracy. The variables you have to control- lead hardness, bullet type, bullet dia, powder type, lube, caps.

Regardless of what the gun is marked, barrels vary in actual dia. It was even worse with originals. My IAB measures .550 so my bullets are .555. They are cast from wheel weight lead(not soft by any stretch). Lube is 50/50 beeswax/lard. Powder is 46gr 3f Old Eynsford. Caps are RWS (CCI are ****, don't waste time or $$ ok them.) Here's the result

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