1862/01 - President's General War Order No. 1

1862/01 - President's General War Order No. 1


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1862/01 - President's General War Order No. 1 - "...the day for a general movement of the Land and Naval forces...against the insurgent forces."

President’s General War Order No. 1
by Abraham Lincoln

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On January 27, President Lincoln issued a war order authorizing the Union to launch a unified aggressive action against the Confederacy. George B. McClellan leading the mostly ignored the order.

It's been debated if Licolns order was justified or if he was meddling in Military Affairs just a little more than a president should.


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It's all fine and good to order anything, but when there is no backing plan, it's useless. It's like going through the drive thru, and saying you want to order food, but not saying what type of food.