FOR SALE 1861 Refashioned Calvary Saber w/Ebay link SOLD

Apr 6, 2019
Please see my Ebay link below for pictures and to transact sale. Asking $200.00

My mom was an avid Civil War buff and her extensive collection of artifacts included roughly a dozen swords. I've included a picture of the book she wrote which is still listed on Amazon but out of print now. She was a serious collector and researcher. Sadly, I can't keep everything and I am not an expert so I have pieced together information from her meticulous records and my own research. Out of respect for her and her passion for this topic, I am hoping these items end up in good hands.

This is a Model 1861 Calvary Sword that was shortened to be used as a knife. It is marked Ames Manufacturing in Chicopee Mass on one side of the base and with three lines U.S./A.D.K./1861 on the other. There may be a "J" in front of the ADK...hard to tell. Handle has several cracks. Used condition is best seen through the pictures.

Please ask if you want more pictures. I can tell you my mom at one point had this sword insured for $2500.00 but I understand the market has changed.

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