1852 Southern Rights Party and Secession


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Apr 11, 2016
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Many Politicians of the south supported the right to Secession as early as the days of John C. Calhoun with the Nullification Crisis. After the Nullification crisis there were the States Rights Conventions and even the 1852 Southern Rights Political Party who ran former Georgia United States Senator and Governor George M. Troup for President and Former Mississippi Governor John A. Quitman for Vice President. One of the goals of the Southern Rights Party was Secession. At the Southern Rights Convention there were 62 delegates in Attendance. The party would receive 2,331 votes in the South during the 1852 Election. Candidate George M. Troup stated in a paper he was going to support Franklin Pierce for the Presidency. Had candidate Troup been elected would the South had called for immediate Secession once President Troup was elected? No one will ever know Troup died in 1856.

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