Muzzleldrs 1841 Mississippi rifle


Jul 15, 2021
Here are the requested pictures


Nov 1, 2018
It's a Leman alteration with serial no. at left breech & butt plate tang, angular front sight, 58 cal. bore etc. See Moller Vol.III, pp 168,169 noting that a very few Leman alterations were HF's with a mixture of parts to be expected.
Thanks for this post. Sorry, I haven't been able to get back to this thread recently. It does look like the Leman. Also, the stock appears to be Harper's Ferry based on the drill holes at the center of the router circles inside the patchbox...those drill holes are found only in HF-made Mississippi's.

Sir, you have a sister to my HF-made Leman-altered 1841 Mississippi! The only non-HF part on mine is the buttplate. Everything else is HF, and the main parts were all stamped with the same Leman number so I know they were all kept together. I read somewhere (can't recall where at the moment), that when Leman did the alterations all the buttplates were dumped into a bin and he didn't bother to match them up with the original gun since they were all identical parts. With war looming, I'm sure Leman and everyone else didn't care if a Tryon buttplate ended up on an HF gun, and vice-versa...that, or they had a good chuckle over the poor collectors 160 years in the future who would be crying in their beers as they shared posts on "Internet forums" about how that SOB Leman was careless in re-assembling the guns he altered... :rofl:

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