15th Michigan Infantry at Shiloh

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The 15th Michigan left Moore, Michigan on March 26, 1862, 869 men strong and arrived at Pittsburg Landing on April 5th. They were assigned to join General Prentiss’s Division and camped near Pittsburg Landing that Saturday evening. Rudely awoken by the Confederate attack, the 15th under the command of Colonel John Oliver, advanced to the sound of the guns and were assigned next to the 16th Wisconsin where they received fire from the enemy. Realizing that the 15th had not been issued ammunition, Colonel Oliver ordered his regiment back to Pittsburg Landing.

On Monday, April 7th, Oliver requested that his unit be assigned to Brigadier Alexander McDowell McCook’s, 2nd Division of the Army of the Ohio. The 15th was attached to Brigadier General Lovell Rousseau’s Fourth Brigade and fought gallantly all day Monday incurring the loss of 2 officers and 31 men KIA and1 officer and 63 men WIA.

Colonel Oliver did not submit an Official Report after the Battle of Shiloh so I have copied the reports of Generals McCook and Rousseau which briefly describe the actions and behaviors of the 15th Michigan.

"Report of Brig. Gen. Alexander McD. McCook, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division.
Hdqrs. Second Division, Army of the Ohio,
Field of Shiloh, April 9, 1862.
I take pleasure in calling your attention to the conduct of Colonel Oliver and a portion of the Fifteenth Regiment requested the privilege of serving with my command. His regiment was attached to General Rousseau’s brigade, and during the day was under the hottest fire, where he, his officers and men, behaved with conspicuous gallantry. "
Pages 305-306

"Report of Brig. Gen. Lovell JOT. Rousseau, U. S, Army, commanding
Fourth Brigade.
Headquarters Fourth Brigade, Battle-field of Shiloh, Tenn., April 12, 1862.
It is due to Colonel Oliver, officers, and men of the Fifteenth Michigan that I say he joined us early in the morning with about 230 officers and men of his regiment, and behaved well during the day of the battle. Accompanying this* report you have a list of casualties incident to the battle,# and also the reports of the various commanders of battalions and regiments of the* brigade.
I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Brigadier- General."
Page 310
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