159th Anniversary of Siege of Fort Pulaski Georgia


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Apr 11, 2016
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Today in Civil War History marks the last day of the Siege of Fort Pulaski Georgia. This Siege was fought April 10th - 11th 1862 in Chatham County Georgia just outside of the city of Savannah Georgia. The Confederate Fort Commander was Colonel Charles H. Olmstead. Olmstead was a native of Savannah Georgia. Olmstead was a graduate of Georgia Military Institute. Before the war Olmstead worked as a cashier at a mercantile house in Savannah Georgia. The Navy was commanded by Josiah Tattnall. Tattnall's family is very prestigious His father Also named Josiah had served the State of Georgia as Governor and United States Senator. The family also owned Bonaventure Plantation which would become Bonaventure Cemetery. CSN Commodore Josiah Tattnall had served in the United States From 1812 until his resignation on February 12th 1861. Directing the Army was General Robert E. Lee who needs no introduction. One the Union Side The Siege was directed by Quincy A. Gillmore. Gillmore was a West Pointer originally from Lorian County Ohio who has served in the U.S. Army since graduation from West Point in 1849. Directing the U.S. Navy in the Siege was Flag Officer Samuel Francis Du Pont who has been serving in the U.S. Navy since 1815. Directing the Army will be Major General David Hunter. General Hunter is a West Point Graduate of the class 1822.

The Forces in the Siege were:
Confederate Side:
Savannah River Squadron - (3 Warships and 2 transports)
Fort Pulaski Garrison - (385 Officers and Men, 48 guns of all calibers and 2 Blakely Rifled Cannons)

Union Side:
South Atlantic Squadron - (15 Warships and 36 Transports)
Tybee Island Besiegers - (10,000 Officers and men, 36 guns of all calibers and 5 parrotts, 5 James Rifles)

Outcome of the Siege:
Union Victory

Union Losses - (1 Killed Several Wounded)

Confederate Losses - (Several mortally wounded and 363 Captured)

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