The Peninsula 159th Anniversary of Battle of Drewry's Bluff/Battle of Fort Darling Virginia - (This Weekend)


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Apr 11, 2016
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Tomorrow May 15th marks the 159th Anniversary of the Battle Drewry's Bluff/Battle of Fort Darling Virginia. This battle was fought in Chesterfield County Virginia. The result was a Confederate Victory with the Confederate Commanders being CSN Commander Ebenezer Farrand/CSN Captain John Taylor Wood and Brig. General William Mahone with a force consisting of 8 artillery pieces, 1 fort and 1 shore battery. Casualties and losses will consist of 1 fort damaged and 15 killed or wounded. On the Union Side was USN Commodore John Rodgers commanding 3 ironclads and 2 gunboats. Casualties and losses will be 2 ironclads damaged, 2 gunboats damaged and 27 killed or wounded.

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