156th Anniversary of the Battle of Anderson South Carolina


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Apr 11, 2016
Upstate South Carolina
On May 1st marked the 156th Anniversary of the 1865 battle of Anderson South Carolina. This would be a Confederate Victory. Currently the Confederate Commander is unknown for this battle. but the command was the South Carolina Battalion of State Cadets. the Union army Commander was Simeon Brown and he will have three brigades consisting of 3,700. The Union Army will have 2 casualties. General George Stoneman ordered a march back on April 27th of three brigades to march from Asheville North Carolina down the Saluda River to Belton or Anderson. Historians believe the battle took place between I - 85 and Shiloh Methodist Church. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending my first reenactment as a civilian reenactor at this battle reenactment.