150 yrs. ago today, September 27, 1868 General Thomas Carmichael Hindman Jr.


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Apr 1, 2016
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150 yrs. ago today, September 27, 1868

In Helena, Arkansas, Confederate Major General Thomas Hindman is dead from gunshot wounds. He was murdered, being shot through the window of his dwelling house as he sat by the fire smoking his pipe. His left hand, in which he was holding the pipe near his face, was torn away, and two balls passed through his neck, severing his windpipe, and other injuries which produced copious internal bleeding….The General survived for about eight hours, in which time he carefully explained all his business to his wife and drew his friends and relatives together so that he could say his good bye….In that public goodbye and in his last minutes, Hindman stated that he forgave anyone that owed him an apology, and that he forgives his assassins for their crime against him….A courageous man, on the battlefield and in his last hours………

Confederate Major General Thomas Carmichael Hindman Jr. (40 Years Old). His murderers will never be discovered.


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Mar 3, 2017
This paragraph is from the WikiVividly article on Hindman. - Full Article

Hindman's assassins were never caught, and many theories regarding their identities have circulated throughout the years. In 1869, a white prisoner at the Phillips County jail told officials that he overheard two black inmates, Sip Cameron and Heyward Grant, discussing the crime. Grant supposedly confessed to the crime, saying the murder was part of a larger plot to seek revenge for the killing of Lee Morrison, a black person from Helena who had been hanged on September 27, 1868.[78] Grant's claims did not fit with the facts of the murder, and his statements were dismissed from the investigation.[79] No further leads ever developed, so the case was never reopened. Hindman was buried at Evergreen Cemetery (later named Maple Hill Cemetery) in Helena, near the grave of his friend Patrick Cleburne.

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