12/12, December 12th In Civil War History


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Mar 3, 2017
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On this day in Civil War history
Compiled by Mitchell Werksman and Jim Klag

December 12, 1800 - Washington, D.C., established as the capital of the United States of America.

December 12, 1806 - Stand Watie, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), born in Calhoun, Georgia (d. 1871)

December 12, 1818 - Paul Octave Hébert, American Brigadier General and 14th Governor of Louisiana, born in Plaquemine, Louisiana (d. 1880)

December 12, 1830 - Joseph O. Shelby, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), born in Lexington, Kentucky (d. 1897)

December 12, 1831 - National Republicans hold a convention in Baltimore. They nominate Henry Clay unanimously on the first ballot to run for President. John Sergeant of Pennsylvania is chosen as his running mate.

December 12, 1860 - Lewis Cass tenders his resignation as Secretary of State over President Buchanan's refusal to reinforce federal troops in Charleston.

December 12, 1861 - The Dept. of Alabama and West Florida, is extended to embrace Pascagoula Bay and that portion of Mississippi east of the Pascagoula River.

December 12, 1861 - The District of Humboldt is created, to consist of the following Northern California Counties:
Del Norte

December 12, 1861 - Col. Francis J. Lippitt, 2nd California Infantry, is assigned to its command.

December 12, 1861 - Skirmish at Gradyville, KY.

December 12, 1861 - Skirmish at Charleston, MO.

December 12, 1861 - Skirmish at Greenbrier River, WV.

December 12, 1862 - Brig. Gen. Maxcy Gregg, CSA, is mortally wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg, VA, after his men had stacked their rifles, fearing no attack from the Federals, who thereupon charged, firing into the unprepared Confederates.

December 12, 1862 - Skirmishes at Cherokee Station and Little Bear Creek, AL.

December 12, 1862 - The Federal expedition up the Yazoo River, MS, witness the first Union vessel to be sunk by a torpedo, the USS Cairo, north of Vicksburg, MS.

December 12, 1862 - Union naval operations on the Neuse River, NC. (Dec 12-15)

December 12, 1862 - Battle of Dumfries, VA.

December 12, 1862 - Skirmish between Harper's Ferry and Leesburg, VA.

December 12, 1862 - White's operations in Loudoun County, VA, and raid (Dec 14) on Poolesville, MD. (Dec 12-20)

December 12, 1862 - Maj. Gen. Arnold Elsey, CSA, is assigned to the command of the Richmond, VA, defenses.

December 12, 1862 - Federal reconnaissance from North Mountain to Bunker Hill, WV.

December 12, 1863 - Skirmish at La Fayette, GA, where the Federal Cavalry captures Rebel prisoners there, camps for the night at Pigeon Ridge, 5 miles from La Fayette, crosses the Chickamauga at a bridge 3 miles above Crawfish Springs, and scouts through McLemore's Cove.

December 12, 1863 - Skirmish at Cheek's Cross-Roads, near Knoxville, TN, the Knoxville, TN, Campaign.

December 12, 1863 - Skirmishes at Russellville, TN, the Knoxville, TN, Campaign. (Dec 12-13)

December 12, 1863 - Brig. Gen. Samuel D. Sturgis, USA, is assigned to the command of all the cavalry serving in the Dept. of the Ohio, TN,, the Knoxville, TN, Campaign.

December 12, 1863 - Skirmishes at and near Strasburg, VA. (Dec 12-13)

December 12, 1863 - Federal expedition from Williamsburg to Charles City Court-House, VA, and skirmish, as the Federals capture a sizeable amount of supplies, horses, etc. in addition to 90 prisoners. (Dec 12-14)

December 12, 1863 - Skirmish at Gatewood's, WV, with Brig. Gen. William W. Averell, USA.

December 12, 1863 - Skirmishes at Lewisburg and Greenbrier River, WV, with an Union Cavalry expedition.

December 12, 1864 - The siege of Petersburg is ongoing.

December 12, 1864 - The capture of the Confederate steamer, Resolute, on the Savannah, River, GA, the "March to the Sea," Campaign by Maj. Gen. Wm Sherman.

December 12, 1864 - Communications are established between Gen. William T. Sherman's USA, and the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron, under the command of Rear-Admiral Dahlgren, Savannah, GA. Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman has now truly reached the sea.

December 12, 1864 - Skirmish on the Amite River, LA.

December 12, 1864 - Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas, USA, prepares to attack Lieut. Gen. John B. Hood, CSA, outside Nashville, TN, as soon as the ice and sleet melts.

December 12, 1864 - Maj. Gen. George Stoneman's, USA, command (that of Brig. Gen. Stephan G. Burbridge's and Brig. Gen. Alvan C. Gillem's forces) advances from Bean's Station, TN, with skirmish at Big Creek, near Rogersville, TN.

December 12, 1870 - Joseph Rainey (South Carolina) becomes 1st African American to serve in US House of Representatives

December 12, 1874 - Hawaii King David Kalakaua is 1st king to visit the US as guest of Ulysses S. Grant at 1st ever US state dinner at the White House.