11th Mississippi at the Brian Farm

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Coonewah Creek

First Sergeant
Jun 1, 2018
Northern Alabama
I have always used Gettysburg Campaign Numbers and Losses as my "bible" for Gettysburg casualties. The Busey and Martin numbers in Tom's post agrees with the numbers stated in the Gettysburg Campaign Numbers and Losses book for the 11th Ms.
I know this is an old thread, but just stumbled across it. Excellent discussion. McFarland's article definitely takes issue with the numbers in Busey and Martin wrt the 11th Mississippi. I know the casualty reports for the 2nd Mississippi are low too. As is probably the case also for the 42nd Mississippi and 55th North Carolina of Davis's Brigade. The 2nd took heavy losses, not only in the killed and wounded on July 1st, but also in the debacle at the Railroad Cut on July 1st where well over 100 men were captured. Vairin's diary, records that the 2nd Mississippi only took 60 men into Pickett's Charge, but he wrote the Gettysburg portion and later portions of his diary well after the war, so his recollection may not have been all that accurate. Other accounts put the 2nd Mississippi's estimated strength at approximately 200 men involved on July 3rd. Still tremendous losses since they started the campaign with a strength of almost 500 men. Personally I suspect the actual number present for Pickett's Charge was much closer to the 200 number than the "60 muskets" recorded by Sergeant A. L. P. Vairin in his post-war account. Just my 2-cents.

Again, excellent discussion. Glad I found it.
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!