Trivia Question 1-15-19 Civilian Prisoner of War

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I'm stumped. I went through about 50 different sites and most of them claim that 8 White civilians in Gettysburg were taken prisoners by the Confederates and transported to POW facilities. I ran each person's name and not a single one meets the questions reason why they were detained. I also checked the known Blacks who were kidnapped and came back with the same results. I'm dying to find the answer and the site that had the information.


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Mar 15, 2013
Eight Gettysburg citizens were captured and held as hostages/prisoners by the ANV:
J. Crawford Gwinn * Alexander Harper * George Codori * William Harper * Samuel Pitzer *George Patterson
George Arendt * Emanuel Trostle
Samuel M. Pitzer and his uncle, George Patterson, were captured near Pitzer's School House on July 2nd. The Q asks for one civilian prisoner "whose property was the site of great carnage and sacrifice." George Arendt was living in the old home of Jacob Arendt. The Cordori Farm was the scene of heavy fighting on July 2/3, but it was owned by Nicolas Cordori (not George) and was rented to tenants - so I'm guessing its not George Cordori. The "Trostle Farm" was owned by Peter Trostle (not Emanuel) and occupied by Peter's son, Abraham Trostle, and his family at the time of the battle. Emanuel George Trostle lived in a house on the Emmitsburg Road and he was captured on July 3. Although I can find nothing to indicate his house was the scene of heavy fighting or "great carnage and sacrifice," I'm still going with Emanuel Trostle as my final answer.
Note: There's a good video about the house here
Source: Retreat from Gettysburg: Lee, Logistics, and the Pennsylvania Campaign, Kent Masterson Brown, O of NC Press, 2005. Arendt gettysburg&f=false


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May 3, 2013
The names cited in most publications are George Codori, J. Crawford Guinn, Alexander Harper, William Harper, Samuel Pitzer, George Patterson, George Arendt, and Emanuel Trostle. There were others, I've seen the surnames Bushman and Doll as well. Codori, Pitzer, Patterson and Trostle seem to get the most ink. My guess will be Emanuel Trostle because of July 3 being the date he was taken into custody and that he subsequently filed a claim for property damage.
Nov 26, 2016
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Eight men were taken prisoner and detained - J. Crawford Gwinn, Alexander Harper, George Codori, William Harper, Samuel Sitzer, George Patterson, George Arendt, and Emanuel Trostle

I'm going with Jean "George" Codori because I found where he was taken prisoner at the end of the Battle of Gettysburg - thus July 3.
Jul 30, 2016
that's a tough one

this side provides me with eight names

The arrested men were George Codori, J. Crawford Guinn, Alexander Harper, William Harper, Samuel Pitzer, George Patterson, George Arendt, and Emanuel Trostle.
the farmes that if to see action are codori and trostle. pitzer's farm was used as a hospital but he was definately not apprehended on the third day, so i can dismiss him.

codori was apprehended and the end of the battle (codori family homepage) while trostle was escorted through lee's lines by a confederate colonel on the 2nd day (doesn't sound all that voluntarily to me) and formerly taken in on the third (the first source).

the problem is that neither jean george codori (the codori source above and stone sentinels) nor emanual g trostle owned the farms we are talking about (stone sentinels)

The farm was owned by Nicholas Codori, who came to America from Alsace, France, in 1828 at the age of 19. He bought the 273 acre farm in 1854, replacing the original log house with today’s two story frame building.
Owned by Peter Trostle, it was occupied at the time of the battle by his son Abraham, Abraham’s wife Catherine, and their nine children.
this source points to trostle, though which means i stick to him - if it's one of the others ic an't find anything

emanuel g trostle


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Answer: Emmanuel Trostle

Source: Warner, Beers and Company, History of Cumberland and Adams County, PA

Edit - The official source is a rather massive book that was published in 1886. Only one player cited that as the source for his answer, and I'm surprised there was even one who was able to find it.

I note that the question asked about civilians taken prisoner "of" July 3, not "on" July 3, which could create uncertainty. Was it asking for someone taken prisoner "on" the specific date of July 3, or could it be asking for someone taken prisoner on an earlier date and still in prisoner status as "of" July 3?

Most players who were able to come up with any answer to this question referred to a source that named eight civilians who were taken prisoner by the Confederates. Although that source didn't cite specific dates on which each of the eight was taken prisoner, I am accepting answers that named any or all of those eight. I am also accepting the answer of John Rummel, who was not one of the eight, but who was taken prisoner on July 3.

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