06/26, June 26th In Civil War History


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Mar 3, 2017
This date in Civil War history
Compiled by Mitchell Werksman and Jim Klag

June 26, 1846 - Dragoons and volunteers leave Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and head west to reinforce California and seize San Diego and Los Angeles. They return from a successful mission in August, 1847.

June 26, 1855 - U. S. Army Ordinance Board recommends the adoption of the .58 caliber 1855 Springfield Rifle and the hollow base Minié Ball (or bullet) to Secretary of War Jefferson Davis. This would be the most common firearm during the Civil War.

June 26, 1858 - Albert Sidney Johnston marches through a deserted Salt Lake City, Utah.

June 26, 1860 - June 28, 1860 - Southern Democrats hold a convention in Richmond where they select John C. Breckinridge as their nominee for President.

June 26, 1861 - Skirmishes at Frankfort and on Patterson Creek, or Kelley's Island, WV, with Col. Lew. Wallace, 11th IN.

June 26, 1862 - Skirmish at Cherry Grove, Schuyler County, MO.

June 26, 1862 - Engagement at Point of Rocks, Appomattox River, VA.

June 26, 1862 - The Battle of Mechanicsville, Beaver Dam Creek, or Ellison's Mill, VA, as Maj. Gen. A. P. Hill crosses the Chickahominy River at Meadow Bridge, and pushes Brig. Gen. Fitz John Porter, USA, out of Mechanicsville back to Beaver Dan Creek and Ellison's Mill, VA.

June 26, 1862 - Skirmish at Meadow Bridge, near Mechanicsville, VA.

June 26, 1862 - George Stoneman's USA operations, including the destruction of stores at White House Landing, VA, as Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, USA, moves his base of operations from the Pamunkey to Harrison's Landing, on the James River, VA. (Jun 26-Jul 2)

June 26, 1862 - Skirmish at Atlee's Station, VA, on the Virginia Central Railroad.

June 26, 1862 - Skirmish near Hanover Court-House, VA.

June 26, 1862 - Skirmishes at Hundley's Corner, VA. (Jun 26-27)

June 26, 1862 - The Mountain Dept. and the Dept. of the Rappahannock and of the Shenandoah are merged into the Army of Virginia under the command of John Pope.

June 26, 1862 - Maj. Gens. Nathaniel P. Banks and Irvin McDowell, USA, assume command of the 2nd and 3rd US Army Corps, the newly created Army of VA.

June 26, 1863 - The Confederate capture of some Union outposts during the siege of Port Hudson, LA.

June 26, 1863 - The Confederate descent on Portland Harbor, Maine, by the schooner, Archer, which had recently been captured by the Confederate vessel, Taconey, where after capturing 21 Union vessels in less than 3 weeks, fails to seize the Federal cutter, Caleb Gushing, and being destroyed in the process. (Jun 26-27)

June 26, 1863 - Skirmish on Loup Creek, WV, as the Confederates stage a surprise attack on a Union party, capturing some prisoners.

June 26, 1863 - General Jubal Early [CS] passes through Gettysburg on his way to York, Pennsylvania

June 26, 1863 - Rear Admiral Andrew H. Foote [US] dies in New York City from wounds received in 1862 at Fort Donelson.

June 26, 1864 - Skirmish near Clarendon (Jun 26) and the pursuit of the Rebels to Bayou De View, on the White River, AR. (Jun 26-28)

June 26, 1864 - Affair 1 .5 miles east of Sedalia, on the Sedalia and Marshall Road, MO, with bushwhackers.

June 26, 1864 - Lieut. Gen. Jubal Early, CSA, occupies Staunton, VA.

June 26, 1864 - Skirmish at Smithfield, WV, with Capt. McNeill and his Virginia Partisans Rangers.

June 26, 1864 - Skirmishes at Wire Bridge and Springfield, WV, with Virginia Partisan Rangers.

June 26, 1865 - George Peabody Estey, USA, is appointed Brig. Gen.

June 26, 1865 - Federal expedition against Apache Indians, from Fort Bowie to the Gila River, the Arizona Territory, with skirmishes (Jul 3) at Cottonwood Creek and (Jul 4) at Cavalry Canon, Arizona Territory, the Yankees destroying Apache rancheros, crops, retaking cattle, etc. (Jun 26-Jul 6)

June 26, 1865 - The Confederate commerce raider, CSS Shenandoah, captures 6 Union whaling vessels in the Bering Sea.

June 26, 1865 - Brig. Gen. John Newton, USA, is assigned to the command the District of Florida.

June 26, 1865 - The 2nd Division, 15th US Army Corps, is ordered from Louisville, KY, to Little Rock, AR.

June 26, 1865 - The 4th US Army Corps arrives at New Orleans, LA, enroute to Texas. (Jun 26-29)

June 26, 1865 - Bvt. Brig. Gen. John L. Beveridge, 17th Illinois Cavalry, assumes the command of the District of Central Missouri.