06/06, June 6th In Civil War History


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Mar 3, 2017
This date in Civil War history
Compiled by Mitchell Werksman and Jim Klag

June 6, 1861 - The State of Missouri is transferred to the Dept. of the Ohio, commanded by Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, USA.

June 6, 1861 - Brig. Gen. Henry Alexander Wise, CSA, ex-governor of Virginia, is ordered to command the CSA troops in the Kanawha Valley, WV.

June 6, 1862 - Skirmishes with Indians at Daley's Ferry and on the Mad River, near Arcata, CA. (Jun 6-7)

June 6, 1862 - Skirmish at Grand River, Indian Territory.

June 6, 1862 - Skirmish near Tompkinsville, KY, with Col. Edward C. Williams, 9th PA Cavalry.

June 6, 1862 - Federal reconnaissance from Booneville toward Baldwyn, MS, and skirmish.

June 6, 1862 - Action near Harrisonburg, VA, with Maj. Gen. T. Jackson, CSA.

June 6, 1862 - Brig. Gen. Turner Ashby, C.S.A., is mortally wounded while fighting a rear guard action, while defending Maj. Gen. Stonewall Jackson's CSA, withdrawal up the Shenandoah Valley toward Port Republic, a few miles south of the town of Harrisonburg, VA.

June 6, 1862 - Affair at Port Royal Ferry, SC, where a Rebel landing party burns the ferry-house and crossing flats used by the Federals.

June 6, 1862 - Naval engagement off Memphis, TN, and the occupation of Memphis by the Union forces, which opens up the Mississippi River in this area. Union gunboats involved included: USS Benton, Carondelet, Cairo, Louisville, and the St. Louis, in addition to the US Rams, Monarch and the Queen of the West.

June 6, 1862 - U. S. Brigadier General Jeremiah Sullivan captures Jackson, Tennessee.

June 6, 1863 - Edward Asbury O'Neal, CSA, is appointed Brig. Gen.

June 6, 1863 - Stephen Hinsdale Weed, USA, is appointed Brig. Gen.

June 6, 1863 - Skirmish at Oak Camp, CA, about 15 miles from Fort Gaston, as Indians ambush a pack train; the survivors fleeing back to Fawn Prairie.

June 6, 1863 - Federal operations about Fort Gibson, the Indian Territory, including skirmishes (Jun 16) on Greenleaf Prairie, mostly between Union and Confederate Indian Regiments. (Jun 6-20)

June 6, 1863 - Skirmish at Shawneetown, KS.

June 6, 1863 - Skirmish at Waitsborough, KY.

June 6, 1863 - Skirmish near Richmond, LA.

June 6, 1863 - Skirmish on the Shelbyville Pike, TN.

June 6, 1863 - Skirmish near Berryville, VA, with Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet, CSA.

June 6, 1864 - Skirmish at Bealer's Ferry, Little Red River, AR, with the loss of life.

June 6, 1864 - Engagement at Old River Lake, or Lake Chicot, AR. Also known as the engagement at Ditch Bayou, Fish Bayou, Grand Lake and Lake Village.

June 6, 1864 - The Federal occupation of Stauton, VA, by Maj. Gen. David Hunter, USA.

June 6, 1864 - Skirmish near Moorefield, Hardy County, WV, with Rebel Cavalry.

June 6, 1865 - The guerrilla, William Clarke Quantrill dies in Louisville, KY, at age 27, from wounds received on May 10.