05/29, May 29th In Civil War History


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Mar 3, 2017
This date in Civil War history
Compiled by Mitchell Werksman and Jim Klag

May 29, 1839 - Ulysses Hiram Grant discovers that his appointment to West Point is under the name Ulysses Simpson Grant (Simpson was his mother's maiden name). Grant used this name from this time on.

May 29, 1848 - Wisconsin enters the United States a free state and evens the slave-free balance in the Senate at 15-15.

May 29, 1861 - Union Secretary of War, Simeon Cameron, accepts Miss Dorothea Dix's offer to establish Federal Military hospitals.

May 29, 1862 - Skirmish at Whitesburg, AL.

May 29, 1862 - Skirmish at the Kickapoo Bottom, near Sylamore, and west of Searcy, AR.

May 29, 1862 - Skirmish near Booneville, MS.

May 29, 1862 - Skirmishes in front of Corinth, MS.

May 29, 1862 - Skirmish at Pocotaligo, SC.

May 29, 1862 - The Richmond and Fredericksburg Railroad Bridge, on the South Anna River, VA, is destroyed.

May 29, 1862 - Skirmish near Seven Pines, on the Chickahominy River, VA.

May 29, 1862 - Skirmish near Wardensville, WV.

May 29, 1863 - Skirmish near Mill Spring, KY.

May 29, 1863 - Ambrose Burnside offers his resignation over the Vallandigham affair. Lincoln refuses.

May 29, 1864 - Action at Moulton, AL.

May 29, 1864 - The Confederate capture of a Union refugee wagon train at Salem, AR, that left from Jacksonport, AR. 80 men and some women are reported killed.

May 29, 1864 - Skirmish on Bayou Fordoche Road, 5 miles from Morganza, LA.

May 29, 1864 - Skirmish at Yazoo River, MS.

May 29, 1864 - Confederate guerrilla depredations at Winchester, TN, as they move into town and rob the place and citizens of $10,000.

May 29, 1864 - Skirmish at Middleburg, VA.

May 29, 1864 - Skirmishes at Newtown, VA, as the Federals lose another wagon train to the Rebels, this time 16 wagons. (May 29-30)

May 29, 1864 - Maj. Gen. Jubal A. Early, CSA, is assigned to the command of the Confederate 2nd Army Corps, the Army of Northern Virginia.

May 29, 1864 - Skirmish at Hamlin, WV.

May 29, 1865 - The Territory in the Trans-Mississippi, south of the Arkansas River, is designated the Military Division of the Southwest, by Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan, USA.

May 29, 1865 - The Army of the Tennessee and the Army of Georgia (except the troops belonging to the East) are ordered to Louisville, KY.

May 29, 1865 - The District of East Louisiana is formed, to consist of the Districts of Baton Rouge and Port Hudson and the Post of Clinton, and Brig. Gen. Michael K. Lawler, USA, is assigned to its command.

May 29, 1865 - Federal operations against guerrillas in Johnson County, MO.

Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan, USA, assumes the command of the Military Division of the Southwest.

May 29, 1865 - Bvt. Maj. Gen. John E. Smith, USA, assumes the command of the District of West Tennessee.

May 29, 1865 - Federal operations under Maj. Gen. Philip Henry Sheridan. USA, in Texas and on the Rio Grande River. TX. as Sheridan begins a mopping up campaign after the surrender of Lieut. Gen. E. Kirby Smith, CSA, overseeing the renamed Military Division of the Southwest, relocating troops and chasing Indians. (May 29-Nov 14,1866)

May 29, 1865 - Andrew Johnson grants a Presidential pardon to those who directly or indirectly aided the Southern war effort. He restored property rights to the South with the exception of slaves. Unlike Lincoln's declaration in December, 1863, Johnson creates an exception for property owners whose holdings total $20,000 dollars or more.

May 29, 1865 - President Andrew Johnson appoints William Holden as provisional governor of North Carolina, a blueprint for his plans of Presidential Reconstruction. Holden was instructed to call a constitutional convention of men who had signed an oath of allegiance to the United States.
May 29, 1866 - Winfield Scott dies, West Point, NY.