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Mar 3, 2017
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On this day in Civil War history
Compiled by Mitchell Werksman and Jim Klag

March 15, 1830 - Abraham Lincoln moves to Macon County, Illinois, about 10 miles south of Decatur.

March 15, 1861 - Camp Wood, TX, is abandoned by the Union forces.

March 15, 1862 - The Dept. of Florida is merged into the Dept. of the South, Maj. Gen. David Hunter, USA, commanding, which will include the states South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, headquartered at Hilton Head, SC.

March 15, 1862 - Skirmish near Marshall, MO.

March 15, 1862 - The Siege and Capture of Island No. 10, MO, by Maj. Gen. John Popet, USA, and the union gunboats under Flag Officer Foote, USN. (Mar 15-Apr 7)

March 15, 1862 - Capt. John Hunt Morgan's, CSA, operations about Gallatin, TN. (Mar 15-18)

March 15, 1862 - William Tecumseh Sherman and Stephen Hurlbut arrive at Pittsburg Landing and move inland to Shiloh Baptist Church.

March 14, 1863 - The seizure of the Confederate schooner, J.P. Chapman, by the USS Cyane, San Francisco Harbour, CA.

March 14, 1863 - The English vessel, the Britannia, successfully evades the Union blockade and arrives in port at Wilmington, NC.

March 14, 1863 - Skirmishes near Hernando, MS, and on the Coldwater, 8 miles north of Holly Springs. (Mar 15-16)

March 14, 1863 - Skirmish at Rover, TN.

March 14, 1863 - Affair near Dumfries, VA, with the capture of a Union patrol.

March 14, 1863 - Federal scout from Harper's Ferry to Leesburg, VA, who are ambushed by bushwhackers.

March 14, 1864 - Federal scout from Batesville to West Point, Grand Glaize, Searcy Landing, etc, AR. (Mar 15-21)

March 14, 1864 - Skirmish at Clarendon, AR.

March 14, 1864 - The new Pro-Union governor Michael Hahn of Louisiana, is given powers previously held by the military governor as President Lincoln attempts to transfer authority back to civilian government in those southern areas controlled by the Union.

March 14, 1864 - The U.S. Naval forces arrives at Alexandria, LA, the Red River Campaign.

March 14, 1864 - Skirmish at Marksville Prairie, LA, with Maj. Gen. Banks, USA, the Red River (LA) Campaign.

March 14, 1864 - Skirmish at Bull's Gap, TN.

March 14, 1864 - Skirmish in Flat Creek Valley, TN.

March 15, 1865 - The siege of Petersburg is ongoing.

March 15, 1865 - Thomas Casimer Devin, USA, is appointed Brig. Gen.

March 15, 1865 - Skirmishes at Boyd's Station and Stevenson's Gap, AL, as the vanquished Confederates do everything they can. Today, they attack and capture men of the 101st US Colored Infantry. (Mar 15-18)

March 15, 1865 - Federal scout from Fort Sumner, the New Mexico Territory, to the Rio Conchas, Rio Turpentine, Anton Chico, the Pecos, the town of Anton Chico, etc., to ascertain the truth of whether Navajo and Apache Indians from the local reservation were stealing sheep and cattle. The Yankees are convinced this is not the case but more of unscrupulous whitemen who sell inferior stock and to save themselves blame the Indians when they disappear. In addition, there are even reports a group of Navajo returned a large flock of sheep they found that were lost in the blinding snowstorms. And finally, it appears that anytime livestock is missing, the Indians are blamed for it. (Mar 15-21)

March 15, 1865 - Skirmish near Smith's Mills, Black River, NC, as Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, USA, Marches on, and while Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, CSA, attempts to assemble a respectable Confederate force to contest his advance.

March 15, 1865 - Skirmish at South River, NC.

March 15, 1865 - Skirmish near Ashland, VA, with Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan, USA.

March 15, 1865 - Skirmish at Hanover Court-House, VA, with Maj. Gen. Philip H. Sheridan, USA.

March 15, 1866 - Texas repeals the actions of the Secessionist Convention.

March 15, 1881 - Emory Upton, Bvt Major General (US Army), commits suicide at 41 in San Francisco, CA.

March 15, 1883 - Henry C. Wayne, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), dies at 67 in Savannah, GA.

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Nov 8, 2018
March 15, 1881 - Emory Upton, Bvt Major General (US Army), commits suicide at 41 in San Francisco, CA.
Real tragedy his death. Apparently he was suffering from what is believed to be a brain tumor. A shame his life was cut so short. He might have been around for the Spanish War, maybe even led the army to France in WW1, depending if he held up like many of his counterparts.