03/07, March 7th In Civil War History


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Mar 3, 2017

On this day in Civil War history
Compiled by Mitchell Werksman and Jim Klag

March 7, 1827 - Colonel Henry Leavenworth ordered west to establish a fort in the area of present-day Kansas.

March 7, 1831 - John Bratton [Old Reliable], American physician and Brigadier-General (Confederate Army), born in Winnsboro, South Carolina (d. 1898)

March 7, 1832 - Orlando Metcalfe Poe, American engineer and Brigadier General (Union Army), born in Navarre, Ohio (d. 1895)

March 7, 1850 - Daniel Webster rises in the Senate and supports Clay's Compromise of 1850. John C. Calhoun is listening.

March 7, 1861 - Braxton Bragg, CS A, is appointed Brig. Gen.

March 7, 1861 - Samuel Cooper, CSA, is appointed Brig. Gen.

March 7, 1861 - Camp Verde, TX, is abandoned by the Union forces.

March 7, 1861 - Ringgold Barracks, TX, is abandoned by the Union forces.

March 7, 1861 - Salmon P. Chase appointed Secretary of the Treasury.

March 7, 1862 - William Duncan Smith, CSA, is appointed Brig. Gen.

March 7, 1862 - Thomas Alfred Davies, USA, is appointed Brig. Gen.

March 7, 1862 - Brig. Gen. Ben McCulloch, CSA, the second highest ranking brigadier of the Confederacy, is mortally wounded, shot in the chest by a Federal Sharpshooter at the Battle of Pea Ridge, or Elkhorn Tavern, AR.

March 7, 1862 - Brig. Gen. James McQueen Mclntosh, CSA, dies within minutes of Brig. Gen. McCulloch, after being shot through the heart during his cavalry charge into the Federal lines, Battle of Pea Ridge, or Elkhorn Tavern.

March 7, 1862 - Brig. Gen. William Yarnel Slack, CSA, is mortally wounded by a musket ball in the hip, only inches from a similar wound received at the earlier Battle at Springfield, dying on Mar 21

March 7, 1862 - Federal reconnaissance up the Savannah River and to Elba Island, GA. (Mar 7-11)

March 7, 1862 - Skirmish at Bob's Creek, MO, by Lieut. Col. Arnold Krekel, 1st Battalion MO Cavalry Militia.

March 7, 1862 - Skirmish at Fox Creek, MO.

March 7, 1862 - Engagement at Point Pleasant, MO.

March 7, 1862 - Operations in Saline County, MO. (Mar7-10)

March 7, 1862 - The advance of the Army of the Potomac to Centreville and Manassas, VA, under Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan, USA. (Mar 7-11)

March 7, 1862 - Withdrawal of the Confederate forces from Evansport, Dumfries, Manassas, and Occoquan, VA, under Gen. Joseph Eggleston Johnston, CSA. (Mar 7-9)

March 7, 1862 - Skirmish near Winchester, VA, with Brig. Gen. Alpheus S. Williams, USA, and Lieut. Col. Turner Ashby, CSA Cavalry.

March 7, 1863 - Lieut. Gen. E. Kirby Smith, CSA, assumes command of all the Confederate forces west of the Mississippi River, AR.

March 7, 1863 - Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks, USA, moves to Baton Rouge, LA, from New Orleans, to join forces with Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, USA, with the joint effort against Vicksburg, MS.

March 7, 1863 - Union operations against and about Port Hudson, LA, by Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, USA. (Mar 7-27)

March 7, 1863 - Federal expedition from New Berne, aboard the steamers, Escort and Northerner, and accompanied by the US gunboats, North State and Allison, to Mattamuskeet Lake, NC, with Col. Charles C. Dodge, USA, commanding the expedition, accusing the 103rd PA Volunteer Infantry of lack of discipline in the unauthorized burning and plundering of civilian farms and homes, as well as the insulting of local women. (Mar 7-14)

March 7, 1863 - Federal expedition from Newport Barracks to Cedar Point, NC. (Mar 7-10)

March 7, 1863 - Federal reconnaissance from Isle of Wight Court-House, VA, to Smithfield, Benn's Church and Chuckatuck, and skirmish (Mar 9) near Windsor, VA, as Confederate cavalry move to block their advance. (Mar 7-9)

March 7, 1863 - Skirmish at Green Spring Run, WV.

March 7, 1864 - Skirmish at Decatur, AL.

March 7, 1864 - Skirmishes at Brownsville, MS. (Mar 7-8)

March 7, 1864 - President Jefferson Davis prods Lieut. Gen. James Longstreet, CSA, at Greeneville, East TN, to take the offensive in Tennessee and Kentucky.

March 7, 1865 - The siege of Petersburg is ongoing.

March 7, 1865 - Skirmish at Elyton, AL.

March 7, 1865 - Federal expedition from Jacksonville into Marion County, FL, and skirmish. (Mar 7-12)

March 7, 1865 - Skirmish with Indians 80 miles west of Fort Larned, KS, as the Indians attack a wagon train but are driven off.

March 7, 1865 - Federal scout from Glasgow to the Perche Hills, MO, in Howard and Boone Counties, in search of guerrillas. The Federals use a local to point out the homes of suspected bushwhackers, killing any they run into; burning their homes along the way. The Federals complain that too many locals house and feed these marauders, which makes it more difficult to suppress their actions. The Yankees report chasing a guerrilla band for 2 days in their sight, but unable to overtake them. (Mar 7-15)

March 7, 1865 - Federal operations about Licking, MO, where the Yankees report that just about everyday, they kill and wound guerrillas, capturing horses, guns, food, etc. (Mar 7-25)

March 7, 1865 - Maj. Gen. Sterling Price, CSA, is assigned to the command of the Missouri Division of Infantry, and Brig. Gen. Mosby M. Parsons, CSA, is assigned to the command of Parson's Missouri Brigade.

March 7, 1865 - Maj. Gen. Jacob D. Cox, USA, is removed to New Berne, NC, to setup a base to supply the army of Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, USA, after it was learned that Wilmington, NC, is not as advantageous to use for the same.

March 7, 1865 - Skirmish at Rockingham, NC, as Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, USA, Marches into North Carolina.

March 7, 1865 - Skirmish at Southwest Creek, NC, with Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman, USA.

March 7, 1865 - Brig. Gen. Benjamin Alvord, USA, is relieved from the command of the District of Oregon.

March 7, 1865 - Skirmish near Flint Hill, VA, with guerrillas dressed in Union garb, and again with loss of life.