03/06, March 6th In Civil War History


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Mar 3, 2017
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On this day in Civil War history
Compiled by Mitchell Werksman and Jim Klag

March 6, 1820 - Horatio Gouverneur Wright, American Major General (Union Army), born in Clinton, Connecticut (d. 1899)

March 6, 1831 - Philip Henry Sheridan, Major General (Union Army), born in Albany, New York.

March 6, 1835 - Charles Ewing, American attorney and Brigadier General (Union Army), born in Lancaster, Ohio (d. 1883)

March 6, 1857 - Supreme Court hands down the ruling in the Dred Scott case.

March 5, 1861 - Envoys, Martin J. Crawford, John Forsyth and A. B. Brown, from the Confederate Government continue to try to establish meetings with the new Federal government, even though Abraham Lincoln refuses to meet with them.

March 5, 1861 Provisionary Confederate Congress officially establishes Confederate Army

March 6, 1862 - Sterling Price, C.S.A., is appointed Maj. Gen.

March 6, 1862 - George Hume Steuart, CSA, is appointed Brig. Gen.

March 6, 1862 - The Battle of Pea Ridge, or Elkhorn Tavern, AR, north of Fayetteville, which results in a Union victory under Brig. Gen. Samuel Ryan Curtis, USA, opposing Brig. Gens. Earl Van Dorn, Ben McCulloch, and Albert Pike, CSA. (Mar 6-8)

March 6, 1862 - The USS Monitor, under tow by the tugboat Seth Law, leaves New York Harbor, NY, accompanied by the Federal vessels, USS Currituck, and the USS Sachem.

March 6, 1862 - Abraham Lincoln proposes that slaves in the border states be emancipated gradually, with compensation to the owners.

March 6, 1862 - The Monitor, the first Union ironclad, departs from New York harbor.

March 6, 1862 - Barnwell Rhett proposes a yellow sun in a blue shield with a ray for each state. It would eliminate the stars and the red, white, and blue combinations of the Yankee flag.

March 6, 1863 - Federal expedition from Helena to Big and Lick Creeks, AR, and skirmishes. (Mar 6-10)

March 6, 1863 - Skirmish on the White River, AR.

March 6, 1863 - Federal expedition from New Berne to Trenton, Pollocksville, Young's Cross-Roads, and Swansboro, NC. (Mar 6-10)

March 6, 1863 - Federal demonstration on Kinston, NC, including skirmishes (Mar 7) at Core Creek and near Dover, NC. (Mar 6-8)

March 6, 1863 - Federal reconnaissance from Murfreesboro, including skirmishes near Christiana and at Middleton, TN.

March 6, 1864 - John Bullock Clark, Jr., CSA, is appointed Brig. Gen.
Skirmish at Flint Creek, AR.

March 6, 1864 - Confederate attack on the Union pickets at Columbus, KY.

March 6, 1864 - Yazoo City, MS, is abandoned by the Union forces, precipitated by the previous day's Confederate attack, effectively ending the Meridian, MS, Expedition.

March 6, 1864 - Confederates' unsuccessful torpedo boat attack on the USS Memphis, North Edisto River, near Charleston, SC.

March 6, 1864 - Affair near Island No. 10, TN, on the Mississippi River, as the Federals move to capture 3 men reported to have murdered a Negro the previous day, and also to capture a notorious horse thief.

March 6, 1864 - Skirmish at Snickersville, VA, where a Union detachment ordered to Purcellville, had by mistake Marched to Snickersville. The entire party was either killed or captured.

March 6, 1865 - The siege of Petersburg is ongoing.

March 6, 1865 - Maj. Gen. Alexander McD. McCook, USA, is assigned to the command of the District of Eastern Arkansas.

March 6, 1865 - Battle of Natural Bridge, FL.

March 6, 1865 - Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, CSA, assumes the command of all the troops in the Confederate Dept. of North Carolina.

March 6, 1867 - General Philip Sheridan assumes command of the 5th Military district encompassing Louisiana and Texas. He designates New Orleans as his headquarters.

March 6, 1905 - John Henninger Reagan, Confederate Postmaster General, dies at 86 in Palestine, TX.


May 4, 2017
My birth date is March 6, 1957. I was really bummed upon finding out some years back that I was born on the 100th anniversary of such an odious Supreme Court decision. :-(