01/23, January 23rd In Civil War History


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Mar 3, 2017

On this day in Civil War history
Compiled by Mitchell Werksman and Jim Klag

January 23, 1833 - John Randolph Chambliss Jr, American Brigadier-General (Confederate Army), born in Greensville County, Virginia (d. 1864)

January 23, 1853 - John Wilkes Booth is baptized at St. Timothy's Protestant Episcopal Church in Catonsville, Maryland.

January 23, 1854 - Following a discussion with Franklin Pierce and Secretary of War Jefferson Davis, Douglas releases the Nebraska act with two significant changes: Two territories, Kansas and Nebraska will be formed and the Missouri Compromise is superseded and inoperative.

January 23, 1855 - John Moses Browning, American inventor, born in Ogden, Utah (d. 1926)

January 23, 1862 - The blockade runner, Calhoun, is captured by Federal vessels, near New Orleans, LA.

January 23, 1862 - A third stone fleet is sunk at the entrance to Charleston Harbor, SC, by the Federals in an attempt prevent Confederate blockade runners for using the harbor.

January 23, 1863 - Federal scout from Fayetteville to Van Buren, AR, with the capture of the Confederate steamer, Julia Roan, along with 200 Confederate men. (Jan 23-27)

January 23, 1863 - Federal expedition from Beaufort, SC, up the Saint Mary's River, in Georgia and Florida, aboard the steamers, John Adams, Planter, and Ben De Ford. (Jan 23-Feb 1)

January 23, 1863 - Skirmish on the Bradyville Pike, near Murfreesboro, TN.

January 23, 1863 - Skirmish at Carthage, TN.

January 23, 1863 - Partly due to frustration with the weather, Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside, USA, issues orders to remove his subordinate commanders, which is never approved by President Lincoln, and included: Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker, Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin, Brig. Gen. John Newton, and Brig. Gen. William T. Brooks, USA.

January 23, 1864 - Trade restrictions for Missouri and Kentucky are lifted.

January 23, 1864 - Operations in North Alabama. (Jan 23-29)

January 23, 1864 - Affair near Woodville, AL, as Confederate cavalry swoop down and capture 17 citizen teamsters and 90 corralled horses; the Confederates unknowingly capturing unserviceable horses.

January 23, 1864 - Affair at Bailey's, on Crooked Creek, in Northwestern AR.

January 23, 1864 - Skirmishes near Burrowsville, in Northwestern AR.

January 23, 1864 - Skirmish on Rolling Prairie, in Northwestern AR.

January 23, 1864 - Federal scout from La Grange, TN, to Riley, MS, with casualties.

January 23, 1864 - Affair at Cowskin Bottom, Newton County, MO, with bushwhackers.

January 23, 1864 - Federal scout from Patterson, MO, to Cherokee Bay, AR, with fatalities to guerrilla forces. (Jan 23-27)

January 23, 1864 - Skirmish near Newport, TN, where the Federals move to capture a reported Confederate forage train, finding only barren countryside that the Confederates had gleaned, transferring all valuable foodstuff across the river.

January 23, 1864 - Federal scout from Charlestown, WV, to Woodstock, VA, passing through Berryville, Millwood, White Post, Newtown, Middleton and Strasburg before attacking and driving the Confederates from Woodstock. The Federals withdraw to Winchester. (Jan 23-25)

January 23, 1865 - The siege of Petersburg is ongoing.

January 23, 1865 - Skirmish with guerrillas at Thompson's Plantation, in the vicinity of Donaldsonville, LA.

January 23, 1865 - Federal scout from Cumberland Gap, TN, and the death of 12 Rebel guerrillas. The Yankees have orders to shoot a guerrilla whenever and wherever he is found, and not to take any prisoners on any account, and that's exactly what they do. (Jan 23-27)

January 23, 1865 - Lieut. Gen. Robert Taylor, CSA, assumes command of the Army of Tennessee, vice Lieut. Gen. John Bell Hood, CSA, resigning Jan 13.

January 23, 1865 - Battle of City Point, VA (James River, Trent's Reach). A Confederate fleet sails from Richmond, VA, down the James River to attack the Federal supply depot at City Point, only to have the Drewry, CSS Richmond, Scorpion, and Virginia No. 2 run aground.

January 23, 1865 - Action at Fort Brady on the James River, the Richmond, VA, Campaign.

January 23, 1867 - Indiana ratifies the 14th Amendment.


Lt. Colonel
Mar 3, 2017