“Longstreet at Gettysburg” just released

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Mar 29, 2015
Melbourne Australia
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It deserves another read and will get one … it goes into the "to be read again" pile. I acquired another 4 Civil War books in Chicago that now require reading. Second hand book stores are a treasure trove for civil war buffs visiting the US (… and those in the USA too I guess).

Now, back to @cpfarr01 and his book. There are many, many quotes (with references and sources identified) throughout the book. I was aware of some of them of course, but listed below are some interesting quotes that I hadn't seen before.

Cory asserts in the chapter, "Lee's Costly Decision", that Lost Cause sympathizers characterised Lee's admission after Pickett's Charge that it "it was all my fault" as another example of his greatness, as these extracts show:

1. John Early Jones (of Jubal Early's staff) wrote in 1880 that Lee "would crucify, on self-erected cross, his own illustrious name" and "the Divinity in his [Lee's] bosom shone translucent through the man, and his spirit rose up to the Godlike".

2. John B. Gordon wrote in 1903 "To those who knew General Lee well, the assumption by him of entire responsibility for the failure at Gettysburg means nothing except an additional and overwhelming proof of his almost marvelous magnanimity".

However, noted author Clifford Dowdey wrote in 1957 "General Lee could not conceivably have believed that the failure of the three-day battle was all his fault".

Longstreet said it simply as " ...'it's all my fault' meant just what it said".

Some more observations will follow.

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