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  1. LoyaltyOfDogs

    "Only A Dog" - Tommy of the 165th New York Volunteers (2nd Duryee Zouaves)

    Devoted friend of the enlisted men, Tommy accompanied the 165th New York Volunteers throughout the war, remaining with comrades in the hospital, trekking over many miles to miraculously return to his regiment after a long absence, soldiering through every engagement and escaping with only a...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Now He's a Zouave! Edwin J. Sweet, 40th New York

    Edwin J. Sweet in Zouave uniform, 40th New York, " The Constitution Guard ", 1861. One of the best Zouave photos I've come across. LoC. 40th had a long war- Fair Oaks, Seven Days, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, 2nd Bull Run, Gettysburg- uniforms wore an awful of blood and dust. Portion of...
  3. GELongstreet

    Civil War Zouave Database

    A database of the various Zouave units, including individual companies, of the Union and the Confederacy. Where applicable links to unit histories are included. The page also has a link directory of Zouave reenactment units.
  4. AUG

    History and Album of the 165th New York Infantry (2nd Battalion Duryee Zouaves)

    The 165th New York Volunteer Infantry (aka "2nd Battalion Duryee's Zouaves" or "Smith's Zouaves"). One Hundred and Sixty-fifth Infantry.—Lieut.-Cols., Abel Smith, Jr., Governeur Carr, William R. French; Majs., Governeur Carr, Felix Angus, William W. Stephenson. The 165th, the 2nd battalion...
  5. N

    Attack by column by divisions at South Mills?

    I read that the 9th New York Zouaves charged the 3rd Georgian position at the Battle of South Mills in column by divisions, which would be a column two companies wide by five deep. Looking at the casualties from the battle, certain companies sustained significantly more casualties than others...
  6. Stepsue1962

    5th new york volunteers

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