1. GELongstreet

    Civil War Zouave Database

    A database of the various Zouave units, including individual companies, of the Union and the Confederacy. Where applicable links to unit histories are included. The page also has a link directory of Zouave reenactment units.
  2. davebleedsblue

    1863 Remington Contract Rifle (pics inside)

    Pics: https://m.imgur.com/a/bTbpN Picked this up yesterday for what I thought was an amazing deal... $900. I’ve seen these go for a LOT more. Other than missing the rear band and the spare nipple in the patch box (although it came with the worm in there so that makes up for it), it’s 100%...
  3. Saris


    A member of any northern volunteer unit that adopted the colorful dress and precision drill of the French Chasseurs. Chasseurs filled roles such as scouting and skirmishing and were cousins to zouaves. An example of chasseurs would be the 14th Brooklyn.

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