wilson's creek

  1. Luke Freet

    Arkansas General Thomas J. Churchill

    Born in Louisville, Kentucky, March 10th 1824. Served as a Lieutenant in the 1st Kentucky Mounted Rifles during the Mexican war; got captured and remain a pow for the rest of the war. Moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1848, and was appointed by President Buchanan as the postmaster of Little...
  2. SWMODave

    We aren't ignoring you ladies when you're mad, we're just scared

    Courtesy article below - a school group photo taken on Bloody Hill and Lyon's rock pile sometime in the 1920 or 30’s. One of the more popular human interest story’s at Wilson’s Creek is about civilian John Ray standing on the front porch of his house, as the battle raged in his cornfield and...
  3. SWMODave

    Buffalo Bill short lived career as a Kansas Jayhawker

    Photo courtesy Wikipedia & Buffalo Bill Historical Center Following the breaking out of the great Civil War in 1861, a general desertion of stage-drivers and express riders took place, a majority of whom were natural rovers, and always looking out for change of employment. I was not an...
  4. SWMODave

    Specifically mentioned animals at the Battle of Wilson's Creek

    Reference Map First hand accounts from the Battle of Wilson's Creek Author, location on battlefield, segment from his account August 10th, 1861 Southwest Missouri - Blue & Gray (thought to be Pvt Dailey 1st MO, Union) on top of Bloody Hill - The men and the horses were long associated...
  5. mt155

    Wilson's Creek B/W

    Sometimes the color version just doesn't look right and I'll convert it to black and white. This is one of those that, to me, just looks better in B/W. This is the path leading to the Ray House at Wilson's Creek.
  6. AUG

    Hempstead Rifles, 3rd Arkansas State Troops

    http://ozarkscivilwar.org/photographs/3rd-arkansas-state-troops/ Early war photograph of the Hempstead Rifles, Co. B, 3rd Arkansas State Troops, standing in front of the Jones Hotel in Washington, Arkansas. Raised in Hempstead County, the company completed its organization at Washington on May...

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