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  1. SWMODave

    ... "skirmishing" with 12-pounder Napoleons.

    Buck Miller The General then went on to say that last evening, a little after dark, he rode along our skirmish line near the peach-orchard, where he came across a battery of artillery. He was surprised to find it so far in advance of our line of infantry, and inquired whose it was. A tall...
  2. AUG

    Life on the Kennesaw Line

    Pvt. John C. Arbuckle, Co. K, 4th Iowa Infantry: "The most severe and trying experiences of the [Atlanta] campaign were those we endured in the trenches in front of Kennesaw. For 26 days, 17 of which were days of continuous rain, we never had our clothes off, or a chance to wash, save dipping...
  3. SWMODave

    Coward - or Hero - or Both?

    Courtesy "In Camp and Battle with the Washington Artillery of New Orleans" During the day (21st) Gen. D. R. Jones moved his command across Bull Run at McLean's ford - in conformity to the original orders of Gen. Beauregard, - and advanced along the road towards Centreville, but soon encountered...
  4. AUG

    The Defense of Spanish Fort

    The following is Philip D. Stephenson's account of the Siege of Spanish Fort - March 27 to April 8, 1865, part of the Mobile Campaign - in SHSP, Vol. 39 (1876). Spanish Fort was evacuated on the night of April 8, the garrison making their escape across a narrow treadway to Battery Huger, then...
  5. AUG

    The Washington Artillery at Fredericksburg

    Ran across this great set of articles on the blog The Swale at Mercer Square on the positioning of the Louisiana Washington Artillery, as well as the Louisiana Donaldsonville Artillery on Marye's Heights at Fredericksburg. Three companies (or batteries) of the Washington Artillery and the...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!