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  1. NH Civil War Gal

    ECW - Here is War - Real War!

    https://emergingcivilwar.com/2020/03/31/here-is-war-real-war/#more-189618 On December 13, 1861, John H. Worsham, Co. F. of the 21st Virginia, saw one of his most startling examples of the impact of the Civil War on civilians. The regiment was marching down the Shenandoah Valley to join...
  2. W. Caldwell-37thNC

    The 1858 Staten Island Quarantine War. In light of our own little Quarantine.

    I read about this awhile back, and since it's in the proximity of the ACW I'd figure posting about might be interesting. Well, that and we're facing a pandemic, HAHAHAHAHA! HA! ha............. ha............ ha............ God help...
  3. Cody C. Engdahl

    Book Review Live reading of Civil War Novel

    LIVE on Facebook Thursdays 8 pm CDT: Rampage on the River read by me! Friend or follow me! You can get your own copy here: http://viewbook.at/RampageontheRiver Feel free to SHARE this as my FaceBook page is open to the public. The more viewers, the better. I write my books as if they are a...
  4. FedericoFCavada

    Prisoner of War camp, "Van Dorn" in Texas query

    Hello! Camp Ford near Tyler, Texas, was the largest prisoner of war camp west of the Mississippi, and it has generated a lot of attention, viz.: https://texasbeyondhistory.net/ford/timeline.html https://texasbeyondhistory.net/ford/index.html Early on, there was a prisoner/ parolee camp in...
  5. Desert Kid

    My Civil War Ancestry.

    All of mine are maternal. My grandmothers paternal line. Private/Farrier William Singleton Lee, Company C. Baylor's 2nd Texas Cavalry, CSA (4x great grandfather) Pvt. Elcana Blevins Dennis, Company C, Baylor's 2nd Texas Cavalry CSA.(4x Great Uncle) Pvt. Barnett H. Dennis, Company D, 15th Texas...
  6. lupaglupa

    Two Marys, Their Lives Shaped by the War

    My grandmother grew up with her two grandmothers living in her home. Two women named Mary. On the left, Mary Priscilla. On the right, Mary Elizabeth. Both lived lives that had been shaped by the Civil War. In Mississippi, this was not uncommon. The state not only provided a large number of...
  7. Rhea Cole

    Discussion What if General Lee Had Lead a Guerrilla War in 1865?

    What if General Lee Had Lead a Guerrilla War in 1865? As a rule, I don't do what if's. My goal is to understand what happened & why during the lead up to & during the Civil War. That is hard enough without throwing fantasies into the mix. All the years I spent unlearning the counterfactual...
  8. R

    Discussion Carl Schurz's performance in the civil war

    MG Carl Schurz is better known as the 13th Secretary of the Interior, but how was his performance in the civil war? To me, he seems to be a horribly unlucky but competent commander. He fought well at 2nd Bull Run but Kearny didn't support him; he realised the possibility and attempted to counter...
  9. C

    What were 'blinds' in Civil War times?

    I know this might sound kind of trivial but bear with me. I've been doing research on the congressional Ku Klux Klan investigation during the Civil War. One of the victims said that he was shot at while he was in his house. The representative then asked him if he had shut 'the blinds'. The man...
  10. ForeverFree

    What is the best way to interpret the Southern African American's Experience during the war?

    This thread will be based in part on this comment: As I have thought about the Lost Cause, it strikes me that one of its most disturbing aspects is that it conflates "the South" with the Confederacy. So, for example, people say "the South fought for independence." But 40% of the South's...
  11. Western Reserve Volunteer

    What weapons would you choose to carry from the Civil War?

    As simple, fun question for all us weapons nerds at home. Imagine you are plonked by a time machine in the Civil War and for whatever reason have the choice of any weapon you can have, from the whole panoply of civilian and military arms. Since there were of course a whole lot of weapons during...
  12. CivilWarTalk

    Book Launch The 6th Michigan Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War: A History and Roster

    @ericrfaust is Eric R. Faust and is proud to launch his book: The 6th Michigan Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War: A History and Roster Published March 18, 2020 Belatedly Launched on CWT on 3/26/2020 Buy it on Amazon Be sure to visit Eric's Web Site: http://ericfaust.info Meet the...
  13. Philip Leigh

    Book Review Berry Benson's Civil War Book: Memoirs of a Confederate Scout and Sharpshooter

    Edited by Susan W. Benson Introduction by Edward J. Cashin Copyright Date: 1991 Published by: Georgia University Press Pages: 288 Together with his sixteen-year-old brother, Blackford, Berry Benson (1843-1923) enlisted in a South Carolina regiment three months before Fort Sumter when he was...
  14. M

    Ohio Civil War Show in Mansfield canceled.

    The Civil War Show in Mansfield Ohio which was to be held in May has been canceled.
  15. B

    Civil War Era Parts Found In Woods

    My dad and I go digging in the woods behind our house and we've found bullets and glass jars that date back to civil war times but we also have a ton of miscellaneous parts that we can't for the life of us figure out what they are. I was hoping someone could help us figure out what some of this...
  16. Belle Montgomery

    New Civil War Era Slavery Movie "Antebellum" (Time-Travel Thriller) coming April 24, 2020!

    A woman travels back in time to the 1800s to solve a mystery in Antebellum The film is from the same producer who brought us Get Out and Us. Another glimpse of it: A modern-day social activist finds herself traveling back in time to the 1800s in Antebellum, a new horror drama written and...
  17. privateflemming

    Finding Civil War ancestors who may have interacted....

    My justification for making this post is that I'm a little bored for obvious reasons. But I thought it could be interesting to have a thread where people can post what units and major battles/POW camps their ancestors were in so maybe we could find some of us who have ancestors that were in the...
  18. JeffBrooks

    Civil War Era Fiction for Middle School Girls?

    Any recommendations for historical fiction books appropriate for mid-teenage girls set in the Civil War Era (say, 1850-1870). This is not something I am knowledgeable about.
  19. ucvrelics

    Discussion Was This The First Civil War Talk???

    I spend a lot of time reading the Confederate Veterans magazine due to the first hand accounts. Every issue has a section "Inquires" that got me to thinking was this the first CWT. The one inquiry below about the Nashville Plow Works CSA sword relates to a lot of the info I deal with at CWT...
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