1. HarlechMan

    132nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry (100 days)

    The 132nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry were a 100 days unit organized at Camp Fry in Chicago and mustered in on 1 June 1864, under the Command of Colonel Thomas J. Pickett. Company A was composed of men from LaSalle and Cook counties, Company B of men from Cook and Fulton counties, Company C of...
  2. Stepsue1962

    5th new york volunteers

  3. Andersonh1

    Brass Napoleon Award Black Southerners and the Confederate Cause--What the newspapers said: 1861-1865

    With all the discussion about whether black men served as armed soldiers in the Confederate Army, I wanted to start researching contemporary accounts from the war years, 1861-1865, and see what made the newspapers. Thanks to the Library of Congress, there are huge amounts of old papers online...

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