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  1. Virginia Dave

    Virginia County Ancestors

    I am interested in making contact with others that have civil war ancestors that are from the following counties in Virginia. 1. Patrick 2. Henry 3. Carroll 4. Franklin 5. Floyd 6. Grayson The reason I ask is that I am still researching my ancestors from that part of the state. You never know...
  2. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Virginia Milita Uniform 1861

    Here is an unidentified fellow who served with the Virginia State Milita wearing a regulation frockcoat. (I think he may have been an officer but I'm not sure correct me if I'm wrong) What would the enlisted men of the Virginia Milita have worn? Frockcoats or shell jackets? Can someone...
  3. Johnny_Reb_1865

    21st Regiment Virginia State Milita 1861 Impression Help

    Can any of you guys point me to the right place to get a coat and trousers for my Virginia Milita Impression? I found the regulations for the uniform but I'm not sure where I could get one or if I'd have to have it made...
  4. upton j.

    Capt.William Rombough Bissell - 8th Virginia Infantry,Co.A

    While doing genealogy I came across this man,my Family Tree Maker says he is my 2nd cousin 5 x removed. Anyone have any more info.or pictures of him? He was born in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1811 married to Margaret Webster he was the Captain of the 8th Va.,Co.A. In Garnetts Brigade at...
  5. Mark F. Jenkins

    Old Virginia and the Peninsula

    Turns out we are going to be spending our son's spring break in Williamsburg VA in late March. Now, we've been to W'burg proper before, but we'll have some opportunities to range a little farther afield this time... I'm looking at a return visit to the Mariner's Museum in Newport News, of...
  6. Luke Freet

    Looking for Information on Col. William H. Browne, 45th Virginia

    There is very little I can find online about this officer. He was a West Point cadet in 1861, and by the time of his death at the Battle of Piedmont he was 25 years old. I am always interested in the Boy Colonels and Generals (Henry Burgwyn, John C. C. Sanders, Moxley Sorrel, etc), so, I would...
  7. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Private John Rice Payne 7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Company A: A Confederate Cavalryman In The Field?

    Do y'all think this could be a Confederate Cavalryman in the field?
  8. R

    Company E, 12th Virginia Cavalry, CSA.

    Hello, I am interested in any information on Company E, 12th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, CSA, 1862-65. I have lots of information already, and have been updating (and a little correcting) Mr. Frye's 1988 biographical roster. I've read all the various narrative histories of the 12th by Frye...
  9. Robert Gray

    The 26th New York Infantry at Fort Lyon, Virginia.

    The 26th New York, the "2nd Oneida Regiment", was organized in Elmira, New York, under command of Colonel William H. Christian and was mustered in for a two-year enlistment on May 21, 1861. It left the state on June 19, for Washington; camped for a month on Meridian hill; then moved to...
  10. S

    FOR SALE Civil War 1861 Letter Army of the Potomac Centreville Virginia Special Order

    Civil war 1861 letter special order. Please review pictures. This letter has historical significance. It was appraised at an auction house for $600-$900. Open to offers. Thanks for looking.
  11. Wendybud

    Virginia ancestry

    There is so much to learn on our civil war family history. i have ancestors from Virginia sir name northam and there was a slave named ralph corbin. The other side from delaware , sir name lloyd or loyd most likely many ancestors in the union. Lots to dig up. The northam family being one of the...
  12. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Private James West 26th Virginia Infantry Regiment Company E

    This is my ancestor. Can anyone help me find any mention of his death such as a death notice in any of the Richmond and Petersburg newspapers and the like? I would like to find out a little more information about his death. Here is his military record. James West 26th Virginia Infantry...
  13. T

    French ships at City Point, 1864?

    I saw this while looking in the OR for something else. Does anyone know what was up with these French ships? PETERSBURG, April 24, 1864. General S. COOPER, Adjutant and Inspector General: The two French men-of-war and two merchantmen at City Point have been ordered out of the river by...
  14. John Wolf Smith

    Who could or should have been promoted or removed from command for the Union or the Confederate?

    You can use any general in the Union or Confederate. No Generals, who died or left command in 1861. If you want you can put in the order of battle.
  15. Canadian

    Hell is being a Republican in Virginia: the postwar friendship between Ulysses S.Grant and John S. Mosby A fascinating talk about how John Mosby became a good friend of Grant’s between the end of the war and the end of Grant’s life. Immediately after the war Grant made it possible for Mosby to turn himself in...
  16. ErnieMac

    Book Review Battle of Big Bethel: Crucial Clash in Early Civil War Virginia

    Last Friday I picked up three books for my Kindle that I found on sale on Amazon. The books dealt with minor battles that, based on the number of troops and the casualties, might well be considered skirmishes or minor actions in the grand scheme of the War. The three books are Battle of Big...
  17. 33rdVaCoB

    Discussion Weapons Used By The Virginia Milita Rifle Companies

    Hello everyone, I recently have started researching a milita company from my area called the middleway or Smithfield blues. They where in the 55th virginia militia , 2nd battalion, 1st company . I would like to know what type of rifle they would have had or what the virginia milita rifle...
  18. John Wolf Smith

    Building Federal and Confederate Commands in 1862.

    Rules: Can use generals, who are alive in February 1862. You can use the East, West and Trans-Mississippi and you can promote BG's leading divisions to MG and Col's to BGs but you must have a good reason for the promotion. Died Generals by February 1862: BG John B. Grayson (tuberculosis) BG...
  19. Belle Montgomery

    What is this? Staircase Wood Relics from the Marshall House in Alexandria, Virginia

    Albeit 2016 it's VERY interesting! November 18, 2016 10:00 AM EST Cincinnati Auction House Pics Here: Lot featuring 3 splinters of wood, each accompanied by notes attesting to...
  20. Belle Montgomery

    Don’t attack history is theme of Civil War event

    ARARAT, Va. — In an era when people are trying to rewrite history by removing statues of Civil War figures, and even vandalizing monuments on occasion, others are fighting back — including some from unlikely sources... Rest of Article with pics...
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