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  1. M

    Restricted Virginia legislature allows local governments to decide the fate of Confederate Monuments.

    Now that the Virginia legislature has passed a bill that allows local government to remove Confederate monuments if the local government so desires, how many local governments move to do so? Perhaps this is much ado about nothing and few local governments will remove the monuments. I guess we...
  2. relichound

    Reb soldier's Ambrotype Found in Eastern Virginia

    This 1/6th plate ambrotype was found, by a friend, lying at the bottom of an old junk box without any case. He had this old empty case to place it in. The soldier has a Virginia belt plate on. It is not in real great condition, but how many Civil War original images show a soldier with a...
  3. Tom Elmore

    Muster Roll of Company H, 33rd Virginia Infantry on 30 June 1863 and Participant Accounts

    The Virginia Historical Society in Richmond has the 30 June 1863 muster roll of Company H, the “Page Grays,” from Page County, Virginia, 33rd Infantry. The regiment was part of Brig. Gen. James Walker’s brigade, which fought on Culp’s Hill over a seven hour period on July 3, from about 4 to 11...
  4. John Wolf Smith

    Wellesley's British-Portuguese Army Vs Lee's Army of Northern Virginia

    Inspired by Luke Freet's Thread about Army of Northern Virginia vs. La Grande Armee. Same thing except its Wellesley's British-Portuguese Army at 91,000 men Lee with Jackson from the Battle of Chancellorsville (plus Longstreet and his 2 divisions which were away at Suffolk) So 91,000 vs. 73,000...
  5. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Discussion Operations At Petersburg Virginia On September 11th 1864

    My ancestor Private James W. West of "E" company 26th Virginia Infantry Regiment was killed in action on the 11th of September 1864 at Petersburg Virginia. I read somewhere that the union pickets were advanced in the early morning and minor skirmishing happened. Would anyone here know about...
  6. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Looking For Newsreels Of United Confederate Veterans In Richmond Virginia And Funeral Of Last Commander In Chief James W. Moore

    Could anyone provide the above mentioned Newsreels? The one of James W. Moore's funeral should have sound.
  7. hoosier

    Research Scott (Davis?) County, Virginia

    I volunteer at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg a couple afternoons a week. The museum has a voluminous collection of letters, and my assignment is to transcribe those letters into electronic files, so that the contents of the letters will still be able to be read after the original...
  8. 16thVA

    General question re: Family Search 1860 census, Virginia

    Hello. I was trying to get some specific numbers on immigrant residents in various towns in West Virginia counties. I did a search on Family Search with residence as "Martinsburg Virginia" and got about 10,000 results. Martinsburg, according to the 1860, census had about 3,000 residents. Did...
  9. Luke Freet

    Army of Northern Virginia vs. La Grande Armee

    So, little hypothetical battle here. What if Napoleon's Grande Armee went up against Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. To get a clear order of battle, I'd say take the Grande Armee at its operational peak at Jena-Auerstadt (Including Bernadotte's I Corps, absent from the fight), and Lee at his...
  10. Rhea Cole

    Discussion Did Grannie Lee's Loss of West Virginia Turn The King of Spades Into the Lee of Legend?

    Did Grannie Lee's Loss of West Virginia Turn the King of Spades into the Lee of Legend? The discussion in another thread on this forum led me to this question. After a lifetime in the army, in the summer & autumn of 1861 Lee had an active command at the end of his career. The glory of his...
  11. Tom Elmore

    Records of Company D, 4th Virginia Infantry as of 30 June 1863

    The Virginia Historical Society in Richmond has the strength report and muster roll of Company D, 4th Virginia Infantry, both dated 30 June 1863. Company D, the “Smyth Blues,” was the first of several units organized at Marion, Smyth County, located in the southwestern part of the state. The...
  12. Tom Elmore

    Return of Lieutenant Valentine W. Southall of the 23rd Virginia from Gettysburg in 1869

    A son was born to Philip and Elizabeth Southall on October 9, 1839, and christened Valentine Wood Southall. Raised on his family’s plantation, called “Selma,” in Amelia County, Virginia, Valentine acquired an unenviable nickname as a youth. Having been dispatched on a hunting expedition to bag...
  13. H

    McClellan destroyed the Army of Northern Virginia at Antietam

    McClellan more than fulfilled the mission he was given in the Maryland Campaign. He bottled up the Army of Northern Virginia (AoNV) and prevented Lee’s wish to move his army into Pennsylvania. He revitalised the Army of the Potomac despite the recent heavy defeat at Second Manassas. More...
  14. Virginia Dave

    Woodbine Cemetery Harrisonburg, Virginia

    This historic cemetery includes the “Soldier’s Section”, where over 270 Confederate Soldiers are buried. Founded in 1850, this sacred burial ground contains the final resting place of over 270 Confederate Soldiers. Among those are the “Boy Major” of VMI, Joseph White Latimer and Harrisonburg...
  15. Gavrilo Sartorys

    Order of Battle for the Army of Northern Virginia, June 1862

    INTRODUCTION : * During the Seven Days battles, Lee's greatest failure as an army commander was (in my opinion) to communicate properly with too many subordinates. As a result, the Federals had the upper hand at the tactical level in the majority of the battles fought near Richmond, while...
  16. W

    Hello From West Virginia

    Hello and thanks for allowing me to join. I am from WV and travel this great state and others frequently. I enjoy visiting all the Civil War spots and learning the history.
  17. M

    Virginia will be ending Lee-Jackson holiday

    Both houses of the Virginia legislature have passed a bill to end or swap the Lee-Jackson holiday for Election Day holiday and it appears the governor will sign the biil. Is this a sign that Lee and Jackson are falling out of favor with the people of Virginia and that monuments to Lee and...
  18. Neagle2VR

    Hello, From Hanover County, Virginia

    I joined this forum this past Sunday, and have enjoyed browsing and reading some of the may posts and threads. In the past ten years that I've been researching my genealogy, I've learned more history than I ever learned in high school, many years ago, mainly Civil War history. My research...
  19. Tom Elmore

    Containing the 10th Virginia on Culp’s Hill the Night of July 2

    photo by @scotth from post below After years of periodic intense study of the various reports and accounts of the Union and Confederate regiments involved in the night fighting on Culp’s Hill, I find myself still in the dark (so to speak) regarding a reasonable interpretation of unfolding...
  20. CivilWarTalk

    Famous The C.S.S. Virginia Gun, a IX-inch Dahlgren

    As previously seen outside the Fredericksburg Area Museum Fredericksburg, Virginia, 2012. Damaged by a cannon shot from the U.S.S. Cumberland, this IX-inch Dahlgren is evidence of some of the very limited damage done to the C.S.S. Virginia by cannon fire from other ships or from shore based...
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