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  1. Belle Montgomery

    Don’t attack history is theme of Civil War event

    ARARAT, Va. — In an era when people are trying to rewrite history by removing statues of Civil War figures, and even vandalizing monuments on occasion, others are fighting back — including some from unlikely sources... Rest of Article with pics...
  2. Eleanor Rose

    So I Slept in Abe's Room, Sorta

    I'm always on the lookout for an interesting place to stay when @Southern Unionist and I travel. On our recent trip to Colonial Williamsburg, I found this place - A Williamsburg White House Bed and Breakfast. It immediately caught my eye because they offered a Lincoln Suite and I love making a...
  3. Eleanor Rose

    Hanover Tavern: History is Still Served Here Daily

    Hanover Tavern Hanover Tavern is rich with history and still serves delicious meals to road weary travellers like @Southern Unionist and me. During the Civil War, it was used by both Union and Confederate troops on their way to and from the battlefields. This part of Virginia saw the terrible...
  4. HarlechMan

    Book Review History of the Ninth Virginia Cavalry, in the War Between the States

    I have transcribed this regimental history on Wikisource, whose advantage is essentially being able to human-correct the OCR for better searching experience. According to the author's son, who copied the manuscript for publication in 1899, 9th Virginia Cavalry regimental commander...

    New grant will help preserve part of Spotsylvania Court House Battlefield New grant will help preserve part of Spotsylvania Court House Battlefield By CATHY JETT THE FREE LANCE–STAR Jun 18, 2019 A new National Park Service grant will help preserve a part of the Spotsylvania Court...
  6. SWVA00

    Discussion Battle of Cloyd's Mountain First Hand Accounts

    Does anyone have any first hand accounts of the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain? I don't think any of the units that were there have any detailed accounts in any of the books published about them but I could be wrong.
  7. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion Richmond’s new Civil War museum aims to shatter conventional views of the conflict

    The American Civil War Museum, which opens May 4, tells the story of the Civil War from an array of perspectives. (Julia Rendleman/The Washington Post) RICHMOND — Sheets of rain pounded the towering glass walls of this city’s new American Civil War Museum as workers raced to finish preparations...
  8. Belle Montgomery

    Discussion Why Alleghany County Was the Virginia Locality Most Affected by the Civil War

    Hamilton Lombard isn’t a Civil War buff, but like many people, he’s heard the story of Wilmer McLean, who just couldn’t escape the war. In 1861, McLean’s farm near Manassas was involved in the First Battle of Bull Run. Looking to flee the fighting, McLean and his family moved to Appomattox –...
  9. Belle Montgomery

    WV exhibit includes saw used in Civil War's first amputation by Confederacy

    The carpenter's saw used to amputate the leg of a Confederate officer the day after a musket ball shattered his knee during the 1861 Battle of Philippi is among artifacts on display in a new First Campaign of the Civil War exhibit at the Beverly Heritage Center. The artifact serves as a stark...
  10. Belle Montgomery

    Article: Her image had been buried near a Civil War battlefield for 100 years. Then I found her.

    My metal detector gave a loud signal as I swept its coil over the freshly cleared earth. I had just dug up several Civil War bullets a few feet away, but this signal sounded different. It was louder, and registered much higher on my detector’s meter than the bullets. Perhaps, I thought, I was...
  11. JPK Huson 1863

    Confederate Drummer Of The 6th Virginia, The Other Mosby

    Charles' F.' Mosby pictured here is really Charles E. . Son of Southern, pre-war widow Sarah Brumfield Mosby from Manchester, Virginia with numerous progeny by husband Edward, Charles seems to have entered army life on the heels of Sumter's echo. He was only 13. Easy enough marveling at these...
  12. lelliott19

    From Slavery to Union Soldier: Pleasant Whitely Escapes Slavery in Virginia to Join the Union Army 43rd USCT

    * "When I enlisted I gave my name as Philip Pleasant. My slave name was Pleasant Whitely. I took the name Philip from my uncle, who was named Philip Thompson. Since the war I have been known and called Pleasant Whitely." Pleasant Whitely was born in Bedford County, Virginia, around 1845. He...
  13. davebleedsblue

    [ID Help Please] Think this might be what’s left of a m1840 sabre?

    Photos: Hey everyone - thanks in advance for your assistance. Trying to figure out as much as I can here. This sword was dug decades ago from a battlefield in Virginia, and obviously saw some trauma. Obviously with the grip and rest of the blade missing, it’s...
  14. Belle Montgomery

    Did Molly Tynes, Southern Heroine aka the Confederate Paul Revere, Ride the Night of Col. Toland's Raid?

    “The only difference between Paul Revere and Molly Tynes was a poet,” is the way a store owner from the area puts it. And whether she rode alone or accompanied through the night to deliver a warning of the coming Union soldiers, she remains an enduring and appealing legend. In Virginia’s...
  15. Belle Montgomery

    Army Post Played Major Role in Civil War, Offered Freedom to Slaves

    HAMPTON, VA. - If you're headed to some of the most popular beaches in the mid-Atlantic, chances are you'll encounter the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. Thousands of drivers use that stretch of Interstate 64 every day, to get to Hampton, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach. Well, a stone's throw from...
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    Habiliments Of Mourning; What Color, Death? Virginia 1861

    Festooning ourselves, especially widows in yard upon yard of black fabric as a social norm after the death of a loved one seemed an accepted practice so embedded in our culture we never question it.' Widows weeds' was the insouciant term, maybe an indication this ' norm ' was not as popular as...

    Historic marker dedicated to Bristol railroad history and train station Historic marker dedicated to Bristol railroad history and train station LEIF GREISS | BRISTOL HERALD COURIER Dec 4, 2018 Updated Dec 4, 2018 The land for the railroad facilities was donated in 1848 by the Rev. James King, and...
  18. Belle Montgomery

    The Confederacy was built on slavery. How can so many Southern whites still believe otherwise?

    In July, a 62-year-old white man named Frank Earnest, one of the country’s most ardent defenders of Confederate monuments, traveled 200 miles from his Virginia home to Washington, D.C., and got in line at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. You could say he stood out...
  19. K

    Found another Confederate Ancestor

    I have found a pension record for my gr x5 grandfather Thomas S. Williams. Unfortunately the record is horrible and practically illegible. It lists his Infantry regiment, which I think might be Percy or Darcy? Unfortunately it didn't actually list the number of the regiment, just the slang or...
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