vicksburg campaign


    CWTrust More battlefield land preserved with NPS grant More battlefield land preserved with NPS grant By John Surratt Published 8:07 pm Wednesday, June 12, 2019 The Mississippi Department of Archives and...
  2. huskerblitz

    Why are there so few Vicksburg documentaries?

    So why are there no real good Vicksburg documentaries like there are with Gettysburg and other eastern battles? Frustrating....
  3. Pr Palmer

    Role of 11th Iowa Infantry at Vicksburg

    I have been reading with great interest the diary of Downing's Civil War Diary, who was a sergeant in the 11th Iowa Volunteer Regiment, Co E (regiment and company as my gr-gr-grandfather). When I was reading the section on the Siege of Vicksburg, there were countless entries of the 11th Iowa...
  4. Taylin

    "It seemed hard for our gentlemanly looking soldiers to be mixed up with those yellow-clothed butternut heathens."

    The following is an excerpt from a letter by Captain Wilford H. Welman of Company F, 59th Indiana. Published by the New Albany Daily Ledger, June 06, 1863. In my reply to this thread will be the full letter in three clippings from the Daily Ledger. In the letter he is recounting the events...

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