valentine's day

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  1. Cavalry Charger

    Letters to Sweethearts

    "A substantial portion of the letters written in camp were addressed to sweethearts who in camp parlance were known by such unflattering nicknames as 'pigeon', 'pig', 'duck', 'biddy' 'jularky' and 'hoosey dooksy'. Correspondence between soliders and the girls they left behind them was...
  2. SWMODave

    Seven stories of love and the Civil War

    Unidentified War Couples Love story #1 Albert P. Morehouse was born on July 11, 1835, in Delaware County, Ohio, the son of Stephen Morehouse, a native of Newark County, New Jersey, and Harriett Wood Morehouse, a native of New York and the daughter of Russell Wood, who also later settled in...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    A Valentine's Day Twofer, Confederate Soldier's Love Poem And The Act Of Kindness Delivering It

    A Union camp may be depicted in this snip from a Harper's Weekly spread for Valentine's Day but it doesn't matter. A Confederate soldier wrestled with epistolary composition somewhere in another camp, hoping to convey the right sentiments to his sweetheart. He did an awesome job. The Union...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    Saint Valentine's Long Year, 1865, When Cupids Collided Or, The Boys Were Home

    Best war era Valentine's Day card I've seen. War and love do not rub elbows well. This seems more pointed than drippy. We held our breaths through February 14ths 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865. Then the most gigantic Valentine's Day of the generation happened. Hundreds of them. June, 1865, Ohio...
  5. SWMODave

    Such dreary days and sleepless nights I hope I may never pass again

    War Stories for my Grandchildren by John W Foster, Major 25th Indiana Infantry "I felt proud of you as my wife and loved you the more for the manner in which you acted on the departure of our regiment from Evansville. While I know that no wife loves her husband more than you do me, yet you...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    Valentine's Day Eve Came But Once A Year! A Rose Strewn Path Through History

    Today, February 13th was traditionally " St. Valentine's Eve ". Celebrated with as much anticipation as Christmas Eve, I can find no scoffers of the era over too-heady plunges into romance laced frenzies. Little pre-war, Godey's romance drenched illustration is all the source required. This...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Valentine's Day, The War And Cupid's Deferment

    " No Blessing has the fairest life, Unless your heart can share it: But bitterest we, were I your wife, O! joyfully I'd bear it. " A card to a soldier, no word how it went. We are unsure what it means except for the words " Were I your wife ". You just know the recipient, away at war, heard...
  8. LoyaltyOfDogs

    Buy a Civil War Dog T-Shirt, Get 2 FREE Civil War Dog Note Cards

    Through Valentine's Day, buy an adult-size Civil War dog T-shirt (featuring Sallie Ann Jarrett of the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry) and get two free handmade Civil War dog blank note cards. Shirts are available in sizes S through XXL. Please see photos of our shirt and the note cards...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!