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  1. B

    What if East Tennessee had split off and become a Union state?

    During the Civil War, East Tennessee was by far one of the most Unionist regions in the South (next to West Virginia, North Alabama, Texas Hill County, Free State of Jones, Free State of Winston and other areas) even though it was under Confederate control for the most part until at least 1863...
  2. leftyhunter

    Newt Knight Union hero or villain? A sourced thread.

    Recently @Jimklag had a thread in the movie and book forum asking the veracity of the recent movie "Free State of Jones ". All well and good but the thread got derailed over the legitimacy or illgitmacy of Newt Knight the film's protagonist and still controversial figure. The purpose if this...
  3. leftyhunter

    The war within the Confederacy

    The War Within the Confederacy White Unionist of North Carolina by Michael Honey is a good overview of Unionism in North Carolina. www.ncgenweb.us/ncuv/honey1.htm Honey covers many subjects such has Unionist guerrillas and soldiers plus voter intimidation,desertion and political opposition to...
  4. leftyhunter

    Who has Unionist military ancestors?

    To qualify your ancestor has to of been born in and a recent resident of the Eleven states of the Confederacy; Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida , Mississippi, Tennessee ,Texas and Louisiana. Border states don't count because the Confederacy could not...
  5. leftyhunter

    Discussion Union vs CSA Guerrilla

    Has we know both sides actively used guerrilla warfare during the CW. There are differences how ever. For the purpose of discussion a guerrilla does not wear a uniform or has was often the case in Mo wore captured enemy uniforms. Therefore cavalry raiders such has Morgan, Marmaduke and Shelpy...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!