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  1. K

    Union Officers

    1. Ellsworth by Fer miniatures . 75mm ( 1/24 scale ) kit 2.Officer of the 5th New Hampshire . Also by Fer , 75mm. These are kits that were assembled and painted .
  2. Mr.Beal

    3rd Tennessee Cavalry Union.

    Poking around on here I found this forum. I have (a copy) of my ggg grandfather George Washington Beal. I’ve always wondered if that was his gun, or some stock prop from the photographer. I’m interested in ID the gun. (Kind is hoping it’s the Remington-Beals.). Anyway thought y’all might like it...
  3. A. Roy

    Dr. Edward Curtis Assisted With The Autopsy Of President Lincoln: Question About Promotion

    Photo from below I'm researching the history of my wife's great-grandfather, Edward Curtis, who served as a Union Medical Cadet and then Assistant Surgeon during the war. Below is his entry from "Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, from it's Organization," by Francis...
  4. P

    Union Cavalry Insignia on Confederate Caps ????

    Any photos or images of this ? I'm wondering if a Confed cavalry trooper might have lifted a Yankee cav crossed swords insignia and stuck it on his own cap ? Maybe he stuck it on upside down like some Rebs did with Yankee belt buckles. What about letters ? Just musing here folks.
  5. luinrina

    Say What Saturday: Preserve the Union!

    Before heading to the CWT muster in Vicksburg in October, I went to New Orleans for a couple of days. In preparation, I of course looked up what Civil War sites I could visit in the Crescent City. One place that came up in my research was Jackson Square in the French Quarter, especially the...
  6. F

    Tintype - 3 Union Soldiers

    I have a tintype, have had it for so long I don't know where it came from or if it came with a box of family photos. It appears to be (IMHO) three union soldiers, one of whom has a medal and another whose skin is a bit darker than the other two. The tintype is obviously not in great shape, but...
  7. M

    Discussion How much did the Veteran Reserve Corps help the Union war effort?

    A lot has been written about the Veteran Reserve Corps, but did it have much impact on the Union War effort? It was a great way for wounded soldiers to continue to support the war effort and a great way for the men to earn wages, but how much impact did they have? For example, we would need to...
  8. Claude Bauer

    Union Veteran at Fox's Gap

    Here's an interesting picture from 1920 of Union veteran Uberto Burnham in Daniel Wise's field at Fox's Gap where he fought 58 years earlier in the Battle of South Mountain. The Reno monument appears in the background. (Black-and-white images by Fred Wilder Cross | William Christen collection)...
  9. Crazy Delawares

    New Jersey moves to recognize Civil War Vets and the Sons of Union Veterans

    On 9 January 2020 Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law SJR59 stating that New Jersey has designated the month of May as "Civil War Veterans Month," in honor of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. The Col. Louis R. Francine, Camp #7, SUVCWNJ has been...
  10. John Wolf Smith

    (Build Order of battle 1862 and 1863) What if Lee stayed in the Union and leads the Army of the Potomac.

    Can use generals not dead in 1861 for 1862 order of battle and same with the 1863 order of battle. 3 Confederate Generals and Lee can be in the Union Army of the Potomac (No Longstreet, Jackson, JEB or Forrest) Can get 5 dead generals back to life.
  11. John Hartwell

    The Union Saved by a Flapjack!

    From the National Tribune, February 25, 1897:
  12. CLuckJD

    Did Far Upper Border States Tip Union War Success Rates?

    Abe's extreme fear that states located near Mason-Dixon's border would join rebels makes it seem logically deduced that those jurisdictions were potent foes. Had one or more become alienated from pro Union loyalties, would it have been so bad to cost the Union a lost war? Why or why not? What...
  13. T

    FOR SALE Union Mounted Overcoat - Mens 36

    I have a C&D Jarnagin made Union mounted style great coat for sale - barely used. Labelled as a 36 but easily fits a 38 with room to spare (21" shoulder width). Asking a Buy it Now price of $350 ($10 S&H to Cont. US) (these go new for $450). Revised U.S. Army Regulations of 1861 Section...
  14. Trivia Master

    Trivia 1-20-20 He’s The Most Amazing Union Army’s Bugle Boy

    Song Parody - Question He’s The Most Amazing Union Army’s Bugle Boy (may be sung along to “He’s the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B”) The son of a musician he was born to be, a bugler who toots his horn for the Yankees, he was just a lad you know, but he could play that horn and make...
  15. Dave D

    Daniel Moss - noted Union scout in Sheridan's command

    My gr gr grandfather (Jonathan "John" Baker) served in the 12th Virginia cavalry until captured at Winchester in June, 1863. His Compiled Military Service Record (CMSR) cards were incorrectly filed with those of the 12th Virginia infantry so there is some inconsistency between these records...
  16. M

    Discussion The 1864 "100 days" Union regiments.

    In April of 1864 the Governors of five Midwestern states offered the United States government 85,000 100 days men to help fill the Union Army manpower shortages. These short-term soldiers were meant to man forts, gars rail lines and such so to free up veteran regiments to be used for the 1864...
  17. James N.

    Collection M.1864 Union Cartridge Box

    Another item I indulged myself with this Holiday season was this unissued M.1864 Federal cartridge box. As can easily be seen, it has absolutely no damage apart from normal storage and aging and no wear whatsoever on the still-supple leather. That's really not surprising, considering how late...
  18. S

    5th Kentucky Infantry (Union)

    I am a published author and am now working on a regimental history for the 5th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Regiment, also known as the "Louisville Legion." I am interested in reading any letters and diaries written by soldiers in this unit and photographs of men who fought in it. I also am...
  19. alan polk

    Union Sergeant, 1st Kansas, Was a Female

    Found this while doing a bit of research and thought I’d post it here. From the Delaware (Ohio) Gazette, June 26, 1863. Quote from the article: “She was as brave as a lion in battle, and never flinched from any duty or hardship that fell to her lot.”
  20. Cdoug96

    Muzzleldrs Smoothbore Springfields in Union Regiments in 1864?

    My great-great-great grandfather was in the 9th New York Heavy Artillery regiment in Company B, and while trying to determine what weapon they were using I found an ordinance report dated June 30, 1864 which said they were armed with Smooth-bored Muskets, Springfield model 1842 (.69 caliber)...
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