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  1. CWDF

    Union Army Flag Display At GNMP

    “The Colors of the Blue: Flags of the Union Army” will be on display 10AM to 4PM, Saturday, February 15, at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center. This exhibit will include reproductions of the most common flags of the Union Army’s infantry, cavalry, and artillery units...
  2. M

    Union Army Staff Badges

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and have enjoyed the past couple hours searching around. My main focus has been to find previous threads of staff badges but so far I've not been successful in locating any. A few years ago I acquired this badge and a belt buckle belonging to Brigadier General George D...
  3. A. Roy

    Dr. Edward Curtis Assisted With The Autopsy Of President Lincoln: Question About Promotion

    Photo from below I'm researching the history of my wife's great-grandfather, Edward Curtis, who served as a Union Medical Cadet and then Assistant Surgeon during the war. Below is his entry from "Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, from it's Organization," by Francis...
  4. lelliott19

    My Great Great Grandparents' House Burned by Union Army NW Alabama

    For those who have heard this before, bear with me. I'm going to tell the story here again because I just found a newspaper article that confirms the approximate date that my great great grandparents' house was burned by Union forces in NW Alabama. When we were kids, my sister and I sat in the...
  5. 1

    Thomas W. Martin First Mississippi Mounted Riffles, a Union Man

    Hello I am new here. I have been doing a lot of civil war research to help with my genealogy research. I first started with researching Confederate regimens and history. I had assumed that my ancestor, that I am researching Thomas W. Martin, who was born in Mississippi and lived in Arkansas was...

    Museum Woodman Museum to unveil restored Civil War cannon

    Woodman Museum to unveil restored Civil War cannon By Brian Early [email protected] Posted Jul 26, 2019 at 5:51 PM Updated Jul 26, 2019 at 6:10 PM Part of that history will be on display Saturday afternoon at the Woodman Museum unveils its fully restored 1863 cannon and limber. Over...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Eye Witnesses Send Home War; Camp Life 1861-1865

    Love this image, a Mississippi regiment in camp, early in the war. Recreation? Knife throwing, looks like a good card game is in progress too. Over in a Union camp, ' tenpins ',a kinda bowling game, really. Journalist writes uneven, rocky or muddy ground made the game impossible played as it...
  8. Mike Serpa

    Major Belle Reynolds photo

    This photo of Union nurse Major Belle Reynolds is from Liljenquist Family Collection of Civil War Photographs at the Library of Congress A link to a thread about her from @JPK Huson 1863
  9. leftyhunter

    Questions of morality concerning Union and Confederate counterinsurgency policy.

    In many threads concerning .Civil War guerrilla or insurgency warfare and or counterinsurgency there are questions of morality. Such questions are fine but they cause diversion from the original intent of the thread. Please post any such questions about the morality of Civil War morality and or...
  10. C

    Hello! Author writing about Civil War family in Virginia/West Virginia

    Thank you for adding me to the group! Civil War Talk has often appeared in searches I've done for my books, and I'm glad to officially join in. I have published one book, historical fiction based on my great-great-grandmother's life before and during the Civil War in western Virginia/West...
  11. K

    Battle of Gettysburg sword

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to preserve this sword that was found buried at the Battle of Gettysburg. Cleaning would probably ruin it, so I'm really looking to stop the deterioration of it. It was found on the Union side in the 1990's.
  12. leftyhunter

    Was the Union Army really the least incompetent Army?

    In a recent post @cash mentioned that in wars the least incompetent Army wins. I argue that there are,a,whole set of factors that determine whether or not an army wins such has 1.Available Manpower 2.Morale 3.Logistical support 4.Technology 5.Transportation 6.Ecomonmic Support And other factors...
  13. Wellwords

    Union furlough records? Or sick leave records?

    Hi! I'm trying to track down why a particular 1st and 2nd Lieutenant in the 140th Volunteer Regt, PA arrived later than the rest of their regiment to the camp at Falmouth in January 1863. (The rest of the 140th got there just after the Battle of Fredericksburg ended, in mid-December.) I know...
  14. Wellwords


    I just joined up, and the site is strongly encouraging me to make a post, so hello! I'm a lurker generally. I've been going through my great great great grandpa's union civil war letters lately though, and had a bunch of questions about them, so naturally, I found this site, which has already...
  15. WJC

    Why did America's Indians Fight in the Civil War?

    28,693 Indians served in the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. Let's discuss their service, exclusive of the ongoing frontier actions. Why did they fight?
  16. SWMODave

    Union troops in St Louis, Missouri

    Courtesy J Paul Getty Museum Photographer - Robert Benecke Taken in St Louis, MO, sometime during the war. With crowd in background, it appears to be some sort of ceremony.
  17. Joshism

    Mulattos in the Union Army

    The debate about Black Confederates hinges not only on how you define a Confederate (and/or soldier), but how you define black. For example, is a mulatto in the CS Army a Black Confederate? What if the mulatto can pass as white? (That's not the subject of this thread - please discuss Black...
  18. StephenColbert27

    Post-War Photos of Union Generals?

    Inquiring for an aquaintence of mine. I was hoping you guys and gals might have some. 70's and 80's are preferred, but I think he'll take anything.o
  19. J

    Help Identifying Soldier's Uniform and Hat

    Hi all! I just received this family photo and could use some help identifying it. From the little bit of research I did I guessed that it was a Union junior officers frock coat. The belt (see detail photo) seems to be an eagle with a wreath. There are three buttons on the sleeves and 8-9 on...
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