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  1. M

    Uniforms Uniforms of the Wide Awakes, Douglas Invincibles, and Minute Men.

    I was looking for information about the uniforms worn by the Wide Awakes, Douglas Invincibles, and Minute Men. It appears that each Wide Awake marching club adopt their own uniforms. The most common Wide Awake uniforms were a full robe or cape, and black glazed hat, but there were other uniforms...
  2. M

    Uniforms Michigan militia uniforms at the start of the Civil War.

    This site has a couple uniform plates that were part of an article I wrote. The Smith Guard could almost pass for Confederates. Both units received new uniforms prior to leaving Michigan. https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/figure-studies-for-company-of-military-historians-article.64298/
  3. M

    Green uniforms and the Civil War.

    Several counties in the early 19th Century used green uniforms for rifle type units. The US Army had the 1st Regiment of riflemen during the War of 1812 wearing green. During the Civil War some sharpshooter wore green. After the Civil War it appears that US soldiers wearing green uniforms...
  4. M

    Did American Civil War uniforms influence the uniforms of other nations?

    We all know that American Civil War uniforms were influenced by uniforms worn by the French, Austrians, British, and Germans. So post Civil War, did other nations look at the uniform lessons learned during the Civil War? I am not sure the United States was a uniform design leader in the post...
  5. Rusk County Avengers

    Book Review Imported Confederate Uniforms of Peter Tait &Co., Limerick, Ireland by Frederick Adolphus

    Imported Confederate Uniforms of Peter Tait & Co., Limerick Ireland By Frederick R. Adolphus $17.90 (http://adolphusconfederateuniforms.com/store.html) ISBN 978-1-57747-153-0 Somehow I don't think this book is unknown to folks here at CWT, but in case it ain't here you go... This book, is...
  6. Klaudly

    Uniforms at Bethel

    Hello, I'm looking for information on the uniforms worn at the battle of Big Bethel. I collected a lot of information about the Confederate units, but little and nothing about the Union regiments. Obviously there is a lot of material on 5th New York and some information on 4th Vermont (in gray...
  7. M

    Uniforms Uniforms of the Rough and Ready Guards of North Carolina.

    Well this is the uniforms of the Rough and Ready Guards of North Carolina ca. 1861 according to Peter Copeland. I am unsure just how accurate Mr. Copeland is about the uniform of this unit. I think I saw this guy at a reenactment. I think he was wearing this uniform.
  8. Klaudly

    Study of Uniforms of (Tennessee) Rutledge Battery

    Formed in May 1861, when Tennessee was not yet officially part of the Confederacy, the battery adopted the dark blue state uniform, and probably a gray service uniform. With these garments, officers and non-commissioned officers were photographed at Watkins Park in Nashville. The image shows six...
  9. ucvrelics

    Gen Forrest Orders Uniforms Dyed

    Here is a yankee greatcoat that is in the Alabama archives that has a great story behind it. I would say that with it being winter and the fact that Forrest Cavalry Corps had just captured a bunch of yankees, I guess Forrest ordered this for the obvious reason. Cavalry greatcoat worn by Pvt W...
  10. R

    General Grant's Uniforms and Equipments...

    Hello, I thought it would be interesting to discuss the dress and equipment of General Grant. Here's a clipping of Grant on Lookout Mountain in late 1863. He appears to be wearing a blue jacket. Someone told me he frequently wore a pre-war dragoon or mounted rifles jacket, but I do not know...
  11. M

    Southern Zouave uniforms.

    When most people think about Zouave they think of Northern States and Louisiana. However, this if far from true. The Pre War Zouave craze had effected the militias in both the North and the South. Probably all pre war Southern states militias had at least a coupe of Zouave companies.
  12. sgtheydan

    Uniforms of 9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment

    Hello Friends, I'm looking for sources that may reference the uniforms worn by the 9th Louisiana. My assumptions are that they left Louisiana in 1861 with the Camp Moore type uniform, and since they served with the Army of Northern Virginia nearly exclusively, they would be wearing Richmond...
  13. M

    Uniforms of the USCS

    In another post I talked about the ships of the United States Coast Survey were lent to the Navy or Revenue Marines. Does anyone know if the crews of the USCS ships wore any kind of uniforms before or at the start of the Civil War? As government employees can I assume they wore typical civilian...
  14. M

    Civil War women in Grand Rapids Michigan wearing Zouave uniforms.

    In 1861 when the 3rd Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment was presented with a regimental flag in Grand Rapids, 20 young ladies were attired in red Zouave jackets and brown jockey caps trimmed in red, white and blue. Although not a military unit this does show Civil War era women wearing...
  15. F

    Uniforms and supply numbers.

    Hi very cool site! My 3rd. Great Grand father and his three sons fought at Fort Fisher and all were captured when it fell. Been reading your info on confederate uniforms, having one being made at this time. Hope to get a lot of good info from this site and members thanks, Ronnie.
  16. D

    Uniforms Civil War Frock Coat Original?

    I’d like to know if this frock coat is original or a reproduction. I’m new to collecting Civil War antiques and I’d like to start my collection somewhere and I’d like to purchase this if it is. The buttons say Pettibone Mfg. Co. Cincinnati, if that helps.
  17. sailorruss

    Looking for Reenacting Units and current contact information

    I'm a fresh fish and my wife and I are moving from Central Florida to Tennessee. I have always wanted to reenact. As I now have the time and means to do so I would very much like to find a unit in Tennessee. I did bop around on the internet but seemed to only have my emails returned as they...
  18. ZakaryDawson

    A question about the uniforms of Louisiana infantry around Shiloh

    hello, I recently found out about a family member C.F.Sise who participated in the civil war and I was wondering what kind of uniforms (colouration, general specs) servicemen would use in the Louisiana infantry more specifically the Crescent Regiment. He was in company B and held the rank of...
  19. A

    Need help identifying uniform

    Hi! I'm Otis. I'm new here. I came across this forum while trying to research the question I'm about to propose to you. (But now that I've found it, I can't wait to binge read) I have this photo of what appears to be a Union corporal. (There are no markings as to name, place, photographer...
  20. sailorruss

    Hello from semi-Sunny Florida

    1 I would like to introduce myself. One of my greatest passions is history. I can say, “Well I love all history and I make sure to always spread my time equally.” I also sell bridges, skyscrapers & portions of the moon. I try not to taken myself too seriously. If there is a bad pun to be made...
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