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  1. F

    Uniforms and supply numbers.

    Hi very cool site! My 3rd. Great Grand father and his three sons fought at Fort Fisher and all were captured when it fell. Been reading your info on confederate uniforms, having one being made at this time. Hope to get a lot of good info from this site and members thanks, Ronnie.
  2. D

    Uniforms Civil War Frock Coat Original?

    I’d like to know if this frock coat is original or a reproduction. I’m new to collecting Civil War antiques and I’d like to start my collection somewhere and I’d like to purchase this if it is. The buttons say Pettibone Mfg. Co. Cincinnati, if that helps.
  3. sailorruss

    Looking for Reenacting Units and current contact information

    I'm a fresh fish and my wife and I are moving from Central Florida to Tennessee. I have always wanted to reenact. As I now have the time and means to do so I would very much like to find a unit in Tennessee. I did bop around on the internet but seemed to only have my emails returned as they...
  4. ZakaryDawson

    A question about the uniforms of Louisiana infantry around Shiloh

    hello, I recently found out about a family member C.F.Sise who participated in the civil war and I was wondering what kind of uniforms (colouration, general specs) servicemen would use in the Louisiana infantry more specifically the Crescent Regiment. He was in company B and held the rank of...
  5. A

    Need help identifying uniform

    Hi! I'm Otis. I'm new here. I came across this forum while trying to research the question I'm about to propose to you. (But now that I've found it, I can't wait to binge read) I have this photo of what appears to be a Union corporal. (There are no markings as to name, place, photographer...
  6. GELongstreet

    Rank Charts for Civil War Navies

    This page shows the complicated and frequently changed insignia of the Union Navy during the civil war. It also shows the rank insignia of the Confederate States Navy as well as those of both the C.S. and U.S. Marine Corps. The study is part of the homepage of the "U.S. Naval Landing Party"...
  7. sailorruss

    Hello from semi-Sunny Florida

    1 I would like to introduce myself. One of my greatest passions is history. I can say, “Well I love all history and I make sure to always spread my time equally.” I also sell bridges, skyscrapers & portions of the moon. I try not to taken myself too seriously. If there is a bad pun to be made...
  8. G

    Painting Civil War Miniatures

    Hello, I have recently gotten into table top wargaming, specifically ACW, and I was wondering if there were any great books and or websites that have good accurate colored pictures of different civil war uniforms? I really want my miniatures to be as accurate as possible. Thanks!
  9. Frea74

    "CW Uniforms of Blue & Grey - The Evolution"

    Great video studies of various uniforms by LionHeart FilmWorks, of Richmond, Va. The first two volumes (out of 4 in total) are already out: Enjoy!
  10. AUG

    The South's White Uniforms by Fred Adolphus

    As has been discussed here a few times, I just noticed Fred Adolphus has a new article up on Confederate white, undyed uniforms. Probably the best analysis yet. http://www.adolphusconfederateuniforms.com/the-souths-white-uniforms.html
  11. Tennessee_Mountainman

    [Help] Uniforms of the 5th Indiana Cavalry (90th Infantry)?

    Did cavalry regiments from Indiana have standard issued uniforms? If so, then that might answer my questions. I'm trying to find details on what uniforms this 5th Indiana Cavalry wore. Thank you.
  12. 20th_NYArtillery

    Light Artillery Militia Uniforms

    So I'm looking into Light Artillery uniforms for NYS Militia so that our unit can get all new jackets and trousers and the right gear so that when we go to reenactments we don't look so rag-tag. We've tracked down what NYS Militia jackets look like and some reference photos from the US Army's...
  13. Z

    Veteran Union Soldier 1864 Questions

    Hey everybody! I have some specific questions about the uniform, equipment, and appearance of a veteran Union soldier during the Battle of the Wilderness. I've done some research of my own and looked at period photographs and illustrations but some sources have conflicted and a few things are...
  14. Z

    Hello everybody!

    My name is Zack. I am a long-time reader, first-time poster. I have been studying the Civil War for as long as I can remember and love reading different threads on this site. I am new to this whole forum thing, and am wondering where the best place is to post some questions I have about the...
  15. F

    Confederate artillery pants?

    Does anyone know anything about these pants? I think they might be confederate artillery pants but I'm not sure. I can not find any other examples with the green and red stripe down the side. Any help would be appreciated!
  16. GELongstreet

    Straps: The Evolution of United States Army Shoulder Straps

    A page with a focus on shoulder straps of the Union Army with countless pictures; also featuring various other topics related to uniforms. Created by Dr. Howard G. Lanham; it partially accompanies his eponymous book.
  17. Stepsue1962

    5th new york volunteers

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