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  1. JPK Huson 1863

    Bullet Proof Vest? 1862, Charles Stokes And Co., Philadelphia

    A Philadelphia firm, Charles Stoke's and Co's 1862 catalog featured this between pages of men's toggery. Never ran into it before, anyone know anything? There were different weight vest depending on what was most likely being fired at you. Stoke's seems to have been a Philadelphia clothing...
  2. Cpl. Smith

    CSMC Question

    What uniform would they have worn and was the rank system the same as the USMC? Also, what would the bulk of the CSMC be armed with?
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    Now He's a Zouave! Edwin J. Sweet, 40th New York

    Edwin J. Sweet in Zouave uniform, 40th New York, " The Constitution Guard ", 1861. One of the best Zouave photos I've come across. LoC. 40th had a long war- Fair Oaks, Seven Days, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, 2nd Bull Run, Gettysburg- uniforms wore an awful of blood and dust. Portion of...
  4. GELongstreet

    Rank Charts for Civil War Navies

    This page shows the complicated and frequently changed insignia of the Union Navy during the civil war. It also shows the rank insignia of the Confederate States Navy as well as those of both the C.S. and U.S. Marine Corps. The study is part of the homepage of the "U.S. Naval Landing Party"...
  5. Cody C. Engdahl

    Michigan 2nd Volunteer Cavalry Gear: When, Where, and What?

    When and where would a Michigan 2nd Cavalry recruit, who joined in Detroit, receive his gear? What would that gear be? I'm thinking he would sign up at Fort Wayne in Detroit, travel to Fort Anderson in Grand Rapids (By train?), and then to the Benton Barracks in St Louis (by horse?). Would he...
  6. HarlechMan

    Private Robert M. Wilson Co G 5th South Carolina

    Private Robert M. Wilson of Co. G, 5th South Carolina Infantry Regiment in uniform - Library of Congress He was mustered in May 13, 1862. CSRs attached.
  7. HarlechMan

    206th Pennsylvania Sergeant Major

    An unidentified soldier in Union sergeant major's uniform with gauntlets and forage cap of the 206th Pennsylvania Infantry If the unit identification is correct, this man is definitely Hugh Brady, who was promoted to Sergeant Major on 9 September 1864. He had enlisted in Company F as a sergeant...
  8. AuthorInspired

    Confederate Uniform for sale: Jacket, Ammo Box, Haversack

    ~ For sale ~ Men's Civil War reenactment field jacket, size 34. 100% Wool. My brother purchased it at Calico Civil War reenactment in California, new condition, never used. The ammo box is genuine black leather, and the haversack is cotton & leather with a removable inner lining. Both are new...
  9. SWMODave

    Cost of a new Union Uniform

    Richard Cadle Lt 11th Iowa Inf Courtesy Missouri Historical Society (1861) Thursday, 31st—The new uniforms for the Eleventh Iowa were received today by our quartermaster. We are the first to receive uniforms before leaving the State. This is the last of October—and we are still at old Camp...
  10. K

    Uniform of infantryman assigned to hospital ship

    What uniform would have been worn by a Union infantryman who was taken out of his unit and assigned to a hospital ship as a nurse? Is if possible that he would have been wearing a Naval uniform when he returned home?
  11. U

    Need help with identification of uniform in photo

    We purchased the tintype shown below at an antique store in Atlanta a couple of years ago. The dealer we purchased it from, purchased in Charleston, SC. We were told that the subject was a cadet from The Citadel. We have since been to The Citadel and talked to the people that run the museum...
  12. rabitaenterprises

    FOR SALE Shell Jacket, Buckle, Forage Cap, Snake Buckle, Belts & Trouser with Peweter Button

    Dear Sir We indebted to your website, where we find lot of varieties of Coat of Arms. Hand made Badges. And other Hand Embroidered Products. We may introduce our self's Rabita Enterprises. Providing their services since 1994.In the field of American Civil War...
  13. beanbomb

    Confederate Kepi Color

    I am trying to add color to a photo of a very young looking Confederate, but I am only now realizing that the kepi he is wearing seems a bit unusual. Besides having what looks like very small buttons, the piping on the kepi doesn't look like any kind I've ever seen for an enlisted man (although...
  14. J

    Help Identifying Soldier's Uniform and Hat

    Hi all! I just received this family photo and could use some help identifying it. From the little bit of research I did I guessed that it was a Union junior officers frock coat. The belt (see detail photo) seems to be an eagle with a wreath. There are three buttons on the sleeves and 8-9 on...
  15. skb8721

    Insignia I Found Today in Box of Old Items

    I found this insignia today in a box of old items in the Archives I administer. I assume it's CW-related, but I don't know. Two members of the Avery family of Louisiana, whose Archives it is, served in the Confederate military as officers: Dudley Avery, who was an officer in the infantry (18th...
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