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  1. relichound

    Two Long Ago Excavated Union Uniform Buttons

    1/ Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Button, "Found east of the stone wall Wheat field by John C. 2/ Artillery Button made before the Civil War. From Rosensteel Collection. Wheat field. Both from 10-24-2009 Gettysburg Civil War memorabilia auction. Button 1/ has no shank.
  2. G

    N.P Brown in uniform

    Going through the material I just got, I came upon this ambrotype of this young Confederate Lt. The note on the back of the half case says the family always said it was NP Brown...to be fair there is no period markings at all. It is nice and clear though
  3. Virginia Dave

    Identity of Uniform

    Can anyone help me with this photo. I believe it is the uniform of a lieutenant, however there are no other identifications as to what regiment or unit etc. I was told this is an ancestor of mine, but other than that I have no other information. I do not have the original photo as it was...
  4. D

    Uniforms UCV Uniform?

    I saw this Confederate frock coat for sale and I’d like to know more about it. My guess is that it’s a UCV piece, but I‘m not certain. Would anybody more experienced and familiar be able to tell me more about it?
  5. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Uniform Question

    On the left is Sargent Austin Morris of the 26th Virginia Infantry Regiment. The other guy's uniform has me scratching my head. Any thoughts on what his uniform is?
  6. M

    Uniforms Marine uniform postcards by Cora Wynn Fleming.

    I just opened a package that contained 9 postcards of US Marine uniforms from 1776 to 1944 showing a total of 18 total uniforms. These were Copyright 1944 by Cora Wynn Fleming. The postcard are colorful and in good shape. I have not compared each uniform on each postcard, to Marine uniforms...
  7. Kirk Womack

    Uniform Identification

    I need some help in identifying this young man's uniform. He's obviously a corporal, but what branch of service is he in, and is it during the war, or after? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  8. J

    What is this? Is this a Civil War era uniform or later?

    Would really appreciate if someone could help me with an approximate date for this uniform. By the cover insignia can we identify the regiment and company? Thank you. JW
  9. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Virginia Milita Uniform 1861

    Here is an unidentified fellow who served with the Virginia State Milita wearing a regulation frockcoat. (I think he may have been an officer but I'm not sure correct me if I'm wrong) What would the enlisted men of the Virginia Milita have worn? Frockcoats or shell jackets? Can someone...
  10. M

    His uniform "fitted him like skin on a sausage."

    How tight were Ciivl War uniforms? Captain Theodore Allen of the 7th Ohio Calvary wrote "We did not line the style of Captain Myles Keogh, there was altogether too much style. He was a handsome a young man as I ever saw. His uniform was spotless and fitted him like the skin on a sausage."...
  11. M

    Post War Pelouze Cadet uniform.

    Am am working on a project and would like to discuss this uniform worn by the Detroit Public School Pelouze Cadets Program in the 1870s. I will probably be taking a trip to Detroit to look as the original photograph, but before I do I want a better understanding of what I am going to see. So...
  12. Saris

    1st Texas Infantry Uniform info

    Does anybody know what the 1st Texas Infantry wore for their uniform for 1863 or 1864? If not, do yall know places I could possibly find information pertaining to their uniform they wore during those years? Thanks!
  13. relicKING

    Need some help from the uniform and or weapon gurus

    I recently acquired this amazing photograph and am trying to place a definitive date to it if possible. Anyone recognize anything in particular? Thanks!
  14. Ferd454231

    Uniform maintenance

    Question for all uniform collectors/conservators. I have a really nice artillery shell jacket. The only problem is some of the buttons have become detached. So my question is, what is the best way to re-attach said buttons? Is this some simple button sewing job or do I need period thread...
  15. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Uniforms Interesting Frockcoat Confederate?

    Saw this very interesting ambrotype for sale on Etsy for 7K. Does anyone recognize the coat this guy is wearing...
  16. M

    Uniforms How many feet of shelf space for Confederate uniform books?

    If I stacked all the books I own, which in some why, covered Confederate uniforms, that stack could be 8 or 9 feet high.But what if I ever wanted to cut down on the number of books I have. How high would be a stack of essential books on Confederate uniforms? This of course would depend on what...
  17. N

    Uniforms Question about this uniform

    I am not too educated in uniforms, so I was wondering if you guys could help me out? I have been trying to identify a soldier who may be a distant relative of mine. I was wondering about this uniform, what does the black lining of his collar mean? I know that the uniforms could vary, so it...
  18. UncleBourbon

    Discussion Continental Morgan Guard aka 5th Virginia Company K - Confederates dressed as Revolutionary war soldiers

    I did a quick search and saw no discussion on this very obscure Confederate company. Here's some great information on them that I strongly recommend reading if you're interested in Revolutionary War uniforms during the Civil War: https://5thvirginia.webs.com/continentalmorganguard.htm...
  19. JPK Huson 1863

    Bullet Proof Vest? 1862, Charles Stokes And Co., Philadelphia

    A Philadelphia firm, Charles Stoke's and Co's 1862 catalog featured this between pages of men's toggery. Never ran into it before, anyone know anything? There were different weight vest depending on what was most likely being fired at you. Stoke's seems to have been a Philadelphia clothing...
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