Heavy Item Rail Transportation

    The 20-inch bore of a Rodman gun could fit a man inside. This Rodman was en route to Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1864 when it stopped long enough in Harrisburg, Pa. for a photo. Photo: Ken Turner Collection
  2. Lisa Murphy

    Book Review Locomotives Up the Turnpike

    Locomotives Up the Turnpike: The Civil War Career of Captain Thomas R. Sharp, C.S.A. By David L. Bright, with maps and illustrations by Andrew H. Hall Locomotives Up the Turnpike is the story of a young, energetic and remarkably competent man who salvaged, repaired, built, and managed...
  3. Lisa Murphy

    Locomotives Up the Turnpike

    Just received a copy of Locomotives Up the Turnpike by David L. Bright and am excited to get to reading it. We take transportation so for granted in our modern American life. I can't imagine what it must have been like to move goods and people in a war zone. Looking forward to a fun and...

    New Railroads & Steam Locomotives Forum Host Fellow Posters and 'Ferro-Equine' enthusiasts: I would like to thank Mike and Ami for allowing me to serve as host of the Railroads & Steam Locomotives Forum. This entire board has taught me so much about this time period that a simple...

    Population Map

    While doing some research for the Transcontinental Railroad thread, came across this map ... ...really serves to illustrate @wausaubob 's posts of the tremendous differences in population -...
  6. Belle Montgomery

    The “Antebellum Puzzle” Matching up maps to the heights of thousands of Civil War soldiers

    Weirdly, Canals and Trains Made Pre-Civil-War Americans Smaller A strange thing happens on the way to modernity: people get sicker and shorter. That’s the “Antebellum Puzzle,” a term for the measurable decline in health of the U.S. population in the four decades ahead of the Civil War, even as...

    Canals, Rivers, Roads, and Railroads... Cheers, USS ALASKA

    Cotton Trains Looking at these pics from @AndyHall 's web site. The title spawned a question; “The passengers got the full benefit of the sparks, cinders and smoke” If the bales are transported on flat cars, was there ever a concern about the '...sparks and...

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