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  1. Lisa Murphy

    Locomotives Up the Turnpike

    Just received a copy of Locomotives Up the Turnpike by David L. Bright and am excited to get to reading it. We take transportation so for granted in our modern American life. I can't imagine what it must have been like to move goods and people in a war zone. Looking forward to a fun and...

    New Railroads & Steam Locomotives Forum Host Fellow Posters and 'Ferro-Equine' enthusiasts: I would like to thank Mike and Ami for allowing me to serve as host of the Railroads & Steam Locomotives Forum. This entire board has taught me so much about this time period that a simple...
  3. SWMODave

    I slept easy of nights after that

    The Thomas O'Sullivan in Missouri Captain James G. McIntosh … “In the fall of 1861 I was given command of the ‘Chickasaw,’ as engineer. The ‘Chickasaw’ was one of the best machines on the road. The ‘General Lyon’ was another good engine which later on made a war record. Engines were all named...
  4. OldReliable1862

    What if: More dual gauge railroads in America?

    Link for those wondering what I'm talking about: Considering how dual gauge railways can join lines of different gauges, could this be used to create a more unified American rail network in the pre-Civil War period and the years following it? In a surviving CSA where the economy isn't quite a...
  5. Legion Para

    Trains at War


    Horseshoe Curve Source - LOC Source - LOC Horseshoe Curve near Altoona, PA. Completed in 1854 to replace the Allegheny Portage Railroad. Built by Pennsylvania Railroad Engineers John Edgar Thomson and Herman Haupt...

    Miss Brayton and the hospital trains of the Sanitary Commission

    Reading in the 'Ladies Tea' forum, (STOP looking at me like that!?! Yes - I read threads on that forum! Don't judge me! … :smile: … ), found a thread where @JPK Huson 1863 espoused the book 'Women's Work in the Civil War' by Dr. L.P. Brockett and Mrs. Mary C. Vaughan -...
  8. John Hartwell

    USMRR Yard in Alexandria

    [] Actual title: View from Round House, Alexandria, Va., looking north showing contraband quarters. "View from Round House, Alexandria, Virginia, looking north showing contraband quarters. Three engines and several...
  9. Eleanor Rose

    Toy Trains and Victorian Christmases Past

    Long before the famed Polar Express, Victorian era children loved trains. Little boys were especially eager to play with pint-size versions of this new technology. 19th-century toymakers obliged, cranking out model trains in wood, cast iron and tin. By the first half of the 20th century...
  10. O' Be Joyful

    Lincoln's Funeral Train is Reborn

    I caught the end of this report on CBS Sunday Morning, then found it on their web-site & felt it would be of some interest here.