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  1. Tom Hughes

    Thanksgiving Visit to Where the War Began

    My first visit to Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC for the holidays. To the left of the ferry in the middle of the photo on the horizon you get just see the outline of Fort Sumter. This is the original first Confederate flag to fly at Fort Sumter. It is a 1st National Confederate flag with 7...
  2. Buckeye Bill

    Happy Thanksgiving Day! Turkeys Can Fly?

    From : The Traveler's Companion - Visit Historic Sites Forum “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” ~ Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson (WKRP in Cincinnati)
  3. bankerpapaw

    Discussion Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you Reb and Yanks!!
  4. ucvrelics

    Happy Thanksgiving From The Weapons & Ammo Forum

    As we all travel and get together with our families, I just wanted to wish my family here at CWT a Happy Thanksgiving. Be safe in your travels. drawing courtesy of the the Washington Post
  5. Rhea Cole

    Discussion Is Your Raccon Ready to Put On the Table? A real Civil War Thanksgiving dinner.

    On this Thanksgiving morning, my living history mind turns to what an authentic Civil War Thanksgiving dinner menus would have been. There were turkeys, without doubt. The Shakers at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky raised thousands of turkeys, geese & ducks. In those days before Mr. Swift invented the...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    " A Sumptuous Repast ", Artists Send Home Thanksgiving At War

    Winslow Homer, 1864. Before Rockwell, Homer hooked us into scenes using the same sense of recognition evocative of tradition and drawing on connection with each other. That one answered a question I'd had too- how long have we been squabbling over that wishbone? And keep your thumb down, it's...
  7. John Hartwell

    Discussion Thanksgiving in the Barracks

    Excerpts from: Thanksgiving in the Barracks of the 44th Mass. Militia, New Bern, N.C., 1862, by pvt. E. A. Ramsey, pamphlet published in 1863. Thanksgiving for the soldier; no drum-beat, no drill — a day of rest. Is it not a blessing ? What though he do not keep it with Puritanic reverence...
  8. Belle Montgomery

    Period A Civil War Thanksgiving: Recipes from Miss Leslie’s Complete Cookery

    “Every one knows that “the” event of Thanksgiving Day is the Thanksgiving dinner. And it is right and reasonable that it should be thus. For a good dinner is the crowning achievement of every home. It strikes a chord to which all hearts are responsive.”—Godey’s Lady’s Book While the most widely...
  9. JPK Huson 1863

    Discussion " Make Us Truly Thankful", Around The ACW Table

    Arlington House, GWP Custis's ungainly monument to our Founding Fathers depicted in Harper's, 1853. His daughter's marriage later made it home to RE Lee, probably the most recognizable symbol of how we once were so divided 620,000 men died. That it now is home to, and reminder of the sacrifices...
  10. DBF

    A “Special” Say What Saturday: President Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation for Thanksgiving and Praise

    The third year of the Civil War rages on. The nation is torn apart. There is little to contemplate except death and heartache. There is no escape from the suffering and a hope for an end to the conflict can not be found. Battles at Gettysburg, Vicksburg and Chickamauga have touched all...
  11. Northern Light

    Abraham Lincoln, Sarah Josepha, Hale, and Thanksgiving

    With Turkey Day on the horizon, I thought I should post this interesting video on the holiday. Enjoy both it and the turkey!
  12. 18thVirginia

    History How Thanksgiving Won Over the South

    An article that explains the history of Thanksgiving in the South. Seems like a pretty good history of how the holiday and the typical foods became a tradition in the South. How Thanksgiving, the "Yankee Abolitionist Holiday," Won Over the South...
  13. JPK Huson 1863

    Period How To Have Leftovers, Turkey On The Boil 1863

    Love these old kitchen images, dead animals draped over tables or hanging from ceilings. This one ( Library of Congress, public access ) features what seem to be turkeys ready for the oven- or pot? Every year as the holidays loom we begin to see the BEST, you-have-to-try-this recipes. Remember...
  14. JPK Huson 1863

    Soldiers, Turkeys And Pig Heads From Home, Thanksgiving Goes To War

    Sans linen, silver and Grandmother Alice, a Thanksgiving table in camp still brought the dog looking for scraps. And a family sharing the meal is a family sharing a meal, with Thanks. It's seriously wonderful how many articles you can find about Thanksgiving in camps from 1861 through 1864. We...
  15. Eleanor Rose

    Fashionable Thanksgiving Dining

    Dressing for Dinner: For the Ladies: Do not dress above your station; it is a grievous mistake, and leads to great evils, besides being the proof of a complete lack of taste. Do not expose the neck and arms at dinner. (The lady in the pic above is in trouble. :wink:) For the Gentlemen...
  16. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Ginger Drop Cakes with Butterscotch Sauce

    This sticky toffee pudding with more than a hint of gingerbread is a wonderful holiday treat, especially with plentiful butterscotch sauce added on top. Grandma Baum’s Ginger Drop Cakes Ingredients: 2 cups flour 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 cup sour...
  17. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Turkey Dressing

    In 1887 a Good Housekeeping reader wrote in with the following recipe: "The following directions for making an excellent "turkey dressing" may be of service to your readers at the festive season of the year: Take one pint of soaked bread, and season with two teaspoonfuls of salt and Bell's...
  18. Anna Elizabeth Henry

    Period Thanksgiving Recipes from Godey's Lady's Book

    Our (Almost Traditional) Thanksgiving Dinner Ms Jones from California, USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons The below set of recipes are taken from Godey's Lady's Book in November of 1887 - it's after the Civil War, but after poking around some...
  19. JPK Huson 1863

    Nast's Thanksgiving Served By Uncle Sam, Or, Who The War Invited To Dinner

    Thomas Nast's frequent forays into realms of unreasoned prejudice make this an even more valuable, poignant piece. Slightly post-war, his Thanksgiving Feast crowds all of us at a common table not possible pre-war. Being served portions by Uncle Sam himself, our Thanksgiving legend to Uncle Sam's...
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