thaddeus stevens

  1. Pat Young

    August 11, 1868 The death of THADDEUS STEVENS deprives the Radical Republicans of their Leader

    From the NY Times August 13, 1868 on the death of Thaddeus Stevens two days earlier:
  2. Pat Young

    Thaddeus Stevens: Two Colored Preachers Call to Pray With the Dying Man

    The details of Thaddeus Stevens's deathbed activities drew much comment when they were published after he passed away of August 11, 1868. The following report, originally from a Cincinnati paper but reprinted in a rabidly conservative Tennessee paper recounts his time praying with Catholic nuns...
  3. Pat Young

    South Carolina Mourns the Death of Thaddeus Stevens

    The August 14, 1868 New York Times had this account of the official mourning period for Thaddeus Stevens.
  4. Pat Young

    August 11, 1868 Thaddeus Stevens Dies Reconstruction150

    On August 11, 1868 the great champion of racial equality in the House of Representative Thaddeus Stevens passed away. The story was on the front page of the New York Times on August 13, 1868:

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