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  1. M

    Discussion Texas Rangers or lawless Virginians? Were there "marauders" in Virginia in January of 1862?

    While search for other items in the Adrian Expositor I came across this letter from a soldier from Adrian Michigan printed in the Jan 24 1862. Did this Michigan soldier know they were not Texas Rangers?
  2. ucvrelics

    T W House Texas Confederate Blockade Runner Flags ????

    Came across this today and I figured our Naval folks help could tell us just what these flags were used for.
  3. kitty o'cairre

    Merry Christmas from Texas yall =)

    wishing yall a Blessed & Merry Christmas to you & yours where ever you may be,, i been off here for a couple years now as life had got in the way BUT hope to rekindlke friendships made & research to continue🎅🎅🎄🎄🎄☃☃❄❄ Plus a family civil war recipie thats been handed down is /has been accepted...
  4. P.B. Speegle

    15th Texas Infantry

    Would anyone happen to know if any regimental histories have been written about the “15th Texas Infantry”? If so could you please tell me the names of the books/written material. Thank you in advance.
  5. Saris

    1st Texas Infantry Uniform info

    Does anybody know what the 1st Texas Infantry wore for their uniform for 1863 or 1864? If not, do yall know places I could possibly find information pertaining to their uniform they wore during those years? Thanks!
  6. Billy1977

    Company E, 5th Texas Infantry question

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if someone had some information on the uniform worn by the 5th Texas Infantry's Company E (Dixie Blues). All I've seen is a black-and-white portrait photo and he's wearing a battleshirt but I don't know what color. Many thanks in advance to anybody who can...
  7. Billy1977

    5th Texas Infantry question

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if someone could tell me what color were the NCO's chevrons in the Confederate 5th Texas Infantry? In the 1st and 4th Texas they appear to have been black. Does anyone know if they were black chevrons in the 5th Texas as well or were they blue for infantry? Many...
  8. Desert Kid

    Discussion Confederate Tejanos in Texas.

    What was the general opinion of the Anglo Texans of their Mexican neighbors? It's pretty well noted that in Texas at least, Hispanics were enfranchised, were the voting majority in a few places, and were able to hold military rank during the war. But how exactly did they fit into the racial...
  9. 1

    Indianola, Texas

    I am new to this forum. I have researched, written and published a history of the 19thOhio (Dixie Odyssey, Amazon). I have visited, I would say, all physical battlegrounds and sites representing their enlistment from April 1861 through San Antonio in the fall of 1865. There are a couple puzzles...
  10. Joshism

    Industrial Development and Manufacturing in the Antebellum Gulf South: A Reevaluation

    Review of Industrial Development and Manufacturing in the Antebellum Gulf South: A Reevaluation by Michael Frawley (LSU Press, 2019): https://cwba.blogspot.com/2019/09/review-industrial-development-and.html Per the review, the author's thesis (which looks at Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama -...
  11. AUG

    The Sibley Brigade

    Charge of lancers in Co. B, 5th Texas Mounted Volunteers at the battle of Valverde. Painted by Don Troiani. Recruited by Brig. Gen. Henry Hopkins Sibley in summer of 1861 for his planned campaign into the southwestern territories, three regiments of Texas mounted troops comprised the core of...
  12. T

    T. Miller button

    Hey guys. New member here. Hoping for better feed back than some of the other forums I visit. I have what I believe is a T. Miller button. However I can’t find any information on it. Any and all info would be appreciated.
  13. AUG

    Sharpshooter Battalion in Walker's Texas Division

    While skimming through Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray comp. by Miss Mamie Yeary, I ran across this account mentioning that a sharpshooter battalion was formed in Walker's Texas Division. I don't think I've ever heard of this before... checked both Lowe's and Blessington's histories of...
  14. Seguin Ranger

    Un-Dug Texas Star Rectangular Militia Belt Plate Cast In Fort Worth, Texas...

    Hello, Gents! I'm new to this forum, so I thought I'd post something to get your opinions about an item I found in a women's jewelry case at the Round Rock Antique Mall in 2002. I was excited then when I purchased it for very little $, but after 17 years in a lock box, I figure it's time to get...
  15. W

    What is this? Please help identify this cannonball?

    I was given this cannonball by a friend who found it on a ranch about 20 miles NW of Laredo, TX about 2 or 3 100 yards back from the Rio Grande. He described it as "sticking out of a rock." I am quite concerned that it is potentially very dangerous and have it soaking in a 5 gallon bucket of...
  16. AUG

    Brig. Gen. William Hugh Young

    I've already posted some info on Young in my 9th Texas Infantry thread, but thought he would also be a good addition to the Other Notable Bios forum. William Hugh Young was born in Boonville, Missouri, January 1, 1838. He and his parents moved to Red River County, Texas, in 1841 and later to...
  17. Luke Freet

    Felix Robertson: The Only Texas General

    Felix Robertson may be one of the lesser known generals of the war, and those who do know him mostly revile him for his actions at Saltville. He was born in Texas on March 9th, 1840, the son of then U.S. Army officer Jerome Robertson, who'd go on to command the Texas Brigade at Gettysburg...
  18. AUG

    3rd Texas Infantry

    Flag of the 3rd Texas Infantry. According to two articles in the Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph, two flags were presented to the regiment on Sept. 2, 1863, one a "regimental" flag and the other a "battle" flag. This one is probably the latter. Commissioned by citizens of Brownsville, Texas, in...
  19. AUG

    Major Thomas J. Goree, Longstreet's Aide

    (Photo from the Newton Gresham Library, SHSU) Thomas Jewett "T.J." Goree was born in Marion, Perry County, Alabama on November 14, 1835 to Dr. Langston James and Sarah Williams (Kittrell) Goree. The eldest of five brothers and a sister, he was educated at Howard Colledge in Marion. In 1850...
  20. AUG

    The Valverde Battery

    Ambush at Bayou Teche by Mark Lemon. Possibly based on the capture of the USS Diana, in which the Valverde Battery played an instrumental role. The Valverde Battery was one of the most legendary Texas artillery units of the war. What made it so unique was the unusual circumstances of its...
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