1. Belle Montgomery

    Did Molly Tynes, Southern Heroine aka the Confederate Paul Revere, Ride the Night of Col. Toland's Raid?

    “The only difference between Paul Revere and Molly Tynes was a poet,” is the way a store owner from the area puts it. And whether she rode alone or accompanied through the night to deliver a warning of the coming Union soldiers, she remains an enduring and appealing legend. In Virginia’s...
  2. huskerblitz

    Middle Creek, Cumberland Gap and Tazewell...What to see?

    In my trip I'm planning to Kentucky for next week, I'm considering planning stops to Middle Creek, Cumberland Gap and Tazewell. What should I look for while at those locations? Other than Middle Creek, is Cumberland Gap marked for Morgan's advance and retreat from there in 1862? Is there...

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