1. Hank Scorpio

    M1840 PS Justice German Import

    Hello Everyone, As promised from my Spencer post I am now posting my most recent acquisition. My FIRST ACW sword! Please let me know your opinion and feel free to correct me. My research tells me that this is a German import M1840 wrist breaker by PS Justice in Philadelphia (1861-1862...
  2. JohnOrtegae

    FOR SALE Civil War Collection Via eBay Auctions!

    I read the guidelines and believe that I am ok to post this. If not, I apologize in advance! I am auctioning hundreds, yes hundreds, of Civil War items all from a collection that was amassed in the 1920s, passed on in the 1970s, and has been stored in a basement ever since! It is time for the...
  3. Legion Para

    Inscribed Union Swords 1861-1865

    This book focuses on Union swords that were inscribed for presentation to the owners. The Chapters are: The Presentation of the Sword; The 1850 Foot Officers' Sword; The Staff and Field Officers' Sword; The Cavalry Officers' Sword; The Non-Regulation Sword; The Navy Officers' Sword; Silver...
  4. Western Reserve Volunteer

    Reproduction Swords: Makers & Sutlers Recommendations

    Not sure if this belongs here, and mods feel free to move/lock/delete this thread if it doesn’t, but I’m getting interested in buying a reproduction sword to add to my artillery impression...probably either a Model 1840 Light/Horse Artillery Saber or a Model 1832 Foot Artillery Sword. I was...
  5. WJC

    What weapon would be your first choice to start a collection?

    A friend has put aside some money to begin a CW weapon collection. He asked for a recommendation for a first purchase. I told him my first was a saber, my first firearm a Remington 1858 New Model Navy. What would be your first acquisition?
  6. A

    Need help comfirming authenticity 1840-1860 saber

    Hi, I need help identifying a saber a recently bought. I’m not sure if it’s a replica or not. It has only one marking on the scarbboard. “CB”. I was hoping someone could help me identify it for me.
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Tiffany's Little Blue Box, Marie Antoinette, Abe Lincoln And War?

    HUGE excitement was generated in 1843 when Charles Lewis Tiffany scored a collection composed of ( some ) of Marie Antoinette's scattered jewels- well, scored by a partner, " Tiffany " became synonymous with diamonds...... , giddy brides-to-be and some famous husbands. And the United States...
  8. O

    Saber Sword from Battle of Waynesboro, Georgia 1864

    Do any of you have any experience dealing with possible artifacts from the American Civil War era? I don't even know where to start so I am reaching out to you guys! Any advice would be appreciated. This post is regarding the Battle of Waynesboro, Georgia of 1864 and the Battle of Buckhead...
  9. Caracofe71

    Attnetion Sword Pros

    This is an old family heirloom found in a roadside ditch by my Great Grandfather. I know precisley Jack about swords, sabres, cutlass what ever classification it falls under. Im 99% its Yankee, currently missing the handle, my old man says its "down in the basement somewhere" Easy fix when...
  10. skb8721

    Civil War Relic Collection

    I went to a local Civil War roundtable meeting earlier this week -- we have them every quarter -- and one of our members brought his collection of artifacts . . . well, not even the whole collection by any means, but some of the more interesting items. Below are photos I took of his...
  11. skb8721

    Swords in the Archives I Manage

    Here is a sword in the archives I administer: it belonged to Dudley Avery, officer in the Confederate infantry, who, as I mentioned elsewhere, was shot in both knees at Shiloh and amazingly recovered after several months. Stamped "New Orleans" on one side: And "Horstmann...

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