1. lelliott19

    Civil War Surgeons - Underrated? [Part 2]

    A few months ago, I posted a thread proposing that, in general, civil war surgeons are underrated.* Here is another example of a difficult operation, skillfully and successfully performed. Skillful Surgical Operation - We were shown, yesterday, a tumor that had been extracted from the throat...
  2. lelliott19

    GRAPHIC Surgeon's Dilemma: Amputation vs. Excision

    "Of the varieties of gunshot wounds, none are more terrible in their effects than those that are produced by the peculiar bullet invented by M. Etienne Minié, of Paris….the effects are truly terrible; bones are ground almost to powder, muscles, ligaments, and tendons torn away, and parts...
  3. lelliott19

    A Manual of Military Surgery for the use of Surgeons in the Confederate States Army

    A manual of military surgery, for the use of surgeons in the Confederate States army; with explanatory plates of all useful operations by Julian John Chisholm 1864 edition. “In putting forth this Manual of Military Surgery for the use of Surgeons in the Confederate service, I have been led by...
  4. 8thFlorida

    Bite Marks on Confederate Roundball/ Olustee

    I recently discovered alleged bite marks on two roundballs from the Battle of Olustee. I would appreciate any feedback or methods for determining human bite marks from the Civil War period. I also have a piece of melted lead that seems to have been used for biting during surgeries as well...
  5. lelliott19

    Successful Treatment GSW Without Amputation

    Although we usually hear about "all the amputations" that were performed during the Civil War, there were also many cases of successful treatment without amputation. Private Philip Sweeney of the 3rd New York Infantry is one such case. From the Medical and Surgical History of the War of the...
  6. JohnW.

    Mary E. Walker

    "Tables about breast high had been erected upon which the screaming victims were having legs and arms cut off. The surgeons and their assistants, stripped to the waist and bespattered with blood, stood around, some holding the poor fellows while others, armed with long, bloody knives and saws...

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