1. lelliott19

    Soldiers' Superstitions: Lucky Rabbit's Foot

    SOLDIERS' SUPERSTITIONS Confederates and Federals - Rabbits' Feet - A Steel Button From the Detroit Free Press As to whether the Confederate soldier was any more superstitious than the Federal, I neither admit nor deny, but I think the same superstitions in regard to battles probably prevailed...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Halloween Superstitions of the Nineteenth Century

    *There is another thread I posted‘all-hallow’e’en’-fun-during-the-civil-war.151035/ which the article below was referenced to explain Kate Stone's practice of superstition during the Civil War Queen Victoria Celebrating...
  3. Belle Montgomery

    Halloween aka ‘All Hallow’e’en’ Fun during the Civil War

    Also see my post " *See my post more superstitions. An early article that described Halloween and its charms was printed in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on October 31, 1865, in which a number of...

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