1. JPK Huson 1863

    Our Greatest Indulgence And Estrogen Fest, An Era Tribute To Hair ( Warning, Men May Experience Vertigo )

    There's a reason we fall into nostalgic raptures over images where belles floated to balls and rose-bedecked young women blushed. They're just so gosh darn pretty. Unabashedly pretty and were 150 years ago. Like this image, most were representative of a desire to express something. Not politics...
  2. Eleanor Rose

    Healthy, Silky Hair in the 19th Century

    Young girl with "sausage" curls, circa 1860. Image is by Anson of New York, N.Y. Did your grandmother ever tell you to brush your hair 100 strokes or so before bed each night? This was often advised in years past as a way to create healthy, silky hair. Well a lot of today’s fashionistas say...
  3. Belle Montgomery

    Photos of Victorian Women by Mathew Brady From The 1860's- Dress/Hair Styles Galore!

    A few may be from the 70's but heh...these women lived during the war! … and now the actresses!
  4. Belle Montgomery

    Ladies fashion "Balmoral" boots -another 1860's option

    Stumbled on this tonight...enjoy ladies:

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