st. patrick's day

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  1. JPK Huson 1863

    'Athas St. Patrick's Day, From Once-A-Year Colleens At Ladies Tea

    " Irish Beauty ", Currier and Ives print from LoC. Image is slightly post war which makes it an odd topic for publication at the time. Around 1870 there was a lot of anti-Irish sentiment partly based on anti-Catholic sentiments but helped along by scurrilous, mine owner-bought newspapers...
  2. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Spotted Dog: A Traditional Irish Fruit Bread

    In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd post a recipe for an authentic, traditional, Irish fruit bread or spotted dog. It seems at the time of the year when the men were working particularly hard in the fields, the farmer’s wife would reward them with a richer, sweeter bread than...
  3. Eleanor Rose

    On St. Patrick's "Eve" 1892

    On March 18, 1892 the Indianapolis Journal reported a remarkable atmospheric occurrence. A white cross was hovering around the moon. Sky watchers supposedly saw this strange event in several parts of the Midwest. For two or three days, in parts of Illinois, the superstitious people have been...
  4. Cavalry Charger

    St Patrick's Day in the field

    Captain James A. Sayles wrote of plans for St. Patricks Day in the field when in Virginia in March 1864: "On the 14th [illeg] (which is St. Patrick's day) there is to be a great "Hurdle race" near Stevensburg. Having received an invitation to be present on the momentous occasion I propose to be...
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