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  1. ForeverFree

    What is the best way to interpret the Southern African American's Experience during the war?

    This thread will be based in part on this comment: As I have thought about the Lost Cause, it strikes me that one of its most disturbing aspects is that it conflates "the South" with the Confederacy. So, for example, people say "the South fought for independence." But 40% of the South's...
  2. donna

    Period Southern Cornbread

    Here is an old family recipe for Southern Cornbread. Always good with so many things like bean soup and fried chicken. One cup white cornmeal, one fourth cup wheat flour, one teaspoon of baking powder, one half teaspoon salt, one beaten egg, one half cup milk, one tablespoon of melted butter...
  3. relichound

    Two Southern Cannonballs.

    Two 12 Lb. Cannonballs with copper fuse holders for use with paper time fuses. One of these has a hole with cover to place shrapnel in. (Round Lead Balls.) The other has no hole, but would have had just gun powder in it. The one on the left found near Richmond, Virginia in 1961 by digger/dealer...
  4. relichound

    Two Southern Cannonballs

    Two 12 Lb. Cannonballs with copper fuse holders for use with paper time fuses. One of these has a hole with cover to place shrapnel in. (Round Lead Balls.) The other has no hole, but would have had just gun powder in it. The one on the left found near Richmond in 1961 by digger/dealer...
  5. BuckeyeWarrior

    Was the southern states attempt at disunion peaceful?

    I have seen the claim many times that the southern states attempt at disunion was peaceful. Do the members of this board believe it was peaceful? Why or Why not? I believe it was not peaceful and as evidence I post the following list of actions by southern states as proof. December 27...
  6. Rhea Cole

    Discussion A Single Decision By Gen. A. S. Johnston Destroyed Any Hope of Southern Military Victory

    Map Showing the Distribution of the Slave Population of the United States Compiled From the Census of 1860. Library of Congress A SINGLE DECISION BY GENERAL ALBERT SIDNEY JOHNSTON DESTROYED ANY HOPE OF SOUTHERN MILITARY VICTORY The map showing the county by county distribution of slaves using...
  7. BuckeyeWarrior

    Counterpoint Did Lincoln follow precedents set by previous Presidents when dealing with the secession/rebellion of the southern states?

    Lincoln seems to get a lot of hate from those this forum that support the southern attempt at independence/disunion. However, the evidence I have seen shows that Lincoln did nothing more than follow the precedents set by presidents previous to him. In this thread I would like to discuss if...
  8. M

    Southern renegades

    I tried to join Victoria Bynum's Southern Renegades blog and was re-directed here. Am I in the right place? I have a lot of specific questions about the Free State of Jones.
  9. donna

    Period Southern Gumbo

    There is nothing like Gumbo for cold weather. This old recipe is from "Old Time Recipes To Enjoy", "The Kentucky Explorer Magazine". Two tablespoons of melted butter, one chopped onion, two cups of tomatoes, two cups of fine cut okra, one cup chopped green peppers, two cups of hot water, one...
  10. D

    Southern Cross Of Honor

    Was wanting to know any info on this. Is it a repro? Maybe the value of it possibly? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. M

    Southern Zouave uniforms.

    When most people think about Zouave they think of Northern States and Louisiana. However, this if far from true. The Pre War Zouave craze had effected the militias in both the North and the South. Probably all pre war Southern states militias had at least a coupe of Zouave companies.
  12. RobertP

    The Southern Christmas Book

    Written by Harnett Kane in the late 1950’s, Kane was a well-known newspaperman and prolific writer from New Orleans. This book is a collection of short stories about how Southerners throughout the region celebrated Christmas with their own distinctive customs in the early-mid 19th century...
  13. Belle Montgomery

    The Effect of the Civil War on Southern Marriage Patterns

    By authors: J. David Hacker, Libra Hilde and James Holland Jones In 1864, the editor of the Southern Literary Messenger received a letter from H. R., who identified herself as an eighteen-year-old, unmarried woman from Buckingham County, Virginia. Hattie, as the editor called the anonymous...
  14. M

    Do we need a Civil War magazine focusing on a Southern point of view?

    Some of out forum members believe that most historians have a Union bias. So that would mean that many Civil War magazine articles have a Northern bias. So do we need a major Civil War magazine that only publishes article from the Southern point of view? There is a Northern view of the Battle of...
  15. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Old-Fashioned Whole-Fig Preserves

    The ancients wrote poetry and sang songs about figs. Buddha attained enlightenment while sitting under a fig tree. And fig trees are one of the first plants mentioned in the Bible, as well as the subject of more than one Biblical parable. Figs are plentiful in the South and for us it’s all...
  16. Eleanor Rose

    History Carolina Okra Beignets

    Okra sliced Aravind Sivaraj [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Okra thrives in the heat of Southern summers and so does our appetite for it. While many folks enjoy traditional fried okra (and it is indeed delicious), this treat takes on a...
  17. JPK Huson 1863

    Period Mary Randolph Randolph Recipes, An Unlikely Housewife

    Mary Randolph Randolph's famous " The Virginia Housewife " cookbook was and is a standby for Southern cooks or anyone interested in Southern cooking. But she wasn't a housewife- as close to royalty as we get on this side of the pond, Mary Randolph Randolph ran her own boarding house, turned a...
  18. Belle Montgomery

    Suicide and Suffering in the Civil War–Era South

    New Book Coming in October 2018: Aberration of Mind: Suicide and Suffering in the Civil War–Era South BY Diane Miller Sommerville (You Tube Interview with author below) More than 150 years after its end, we still struggle to understand the full extent of the human toll of the Civil War and the...
  19. Belle Montgomery

    Honor, Civil War and the South-Do you agree with this?...
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