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  1. P

    FOR SALE Near Complete Set of North and South Magazines

    Selling my set of North and South magazines. It is a complete set except for Volume #1 - Issue #5 and Volume #2 - Issue #5. There are a total of 90 magazines. I am asking $100 or Best Offer plus shipping. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need more information. P.Barber...
  2. Eleanor Rose

    The Greenbrier: The Epitome of the Old South

    (The front entrance to the Greenbrier.) @Southern Unionist and I had the pleasure of stepping back in time to celebrate Christmas this year with a visit to the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV. It's a magical place any time of year, but the holiday lights make it extra special...
  3. UncleBourbon

    Research Northerners who travelled South to enlist in the Confederacy?

    I've been wondering if there are any examples of this for a while. I learned of two individuals from my State who at the very least opposed the Union's role in the war verbally; Lysander Spooner, an abolitionist who compared the Union's effort to stop Southern secession to a master's effort to...
  4. ratwod

    Discussion Appeal from South Carolina to the Slaveholding states, 12/25/1860

    Richmond (VA) Daily Dispatch, Dec. 28, 1860: Appeal from South Carolina. The address of the "People of Sonth Carolina" to the Slaveholding states, concludes as follows : Citizens of the slaveholding Slates of the United Stales, circumstances beyond our control have placed us in the van of the...
  5. R

    Discussion The South Defeated Itself, Lincoln Could Have Slept Through The Whole Thing.

    The South Defeated Itself. I don't know how many times I have read theories that Lincoln engaged in elaborate plots that would have astounded Machiavelli to start, pursue & win the Civil War. After over fifty years studying the war, I have concluded that the South defeated itself, Lincoln...
  6. Jorma99

    Greetings from South Jersey

    I have been a Civil War enthusiast all my life. My passion has grown to the ways the War impacted the Constitution and collecting relics and artifacts. I also have started a fairly large library of books on the war. My favorite topic is the Battle of Gettysburg. When I was 12 back in 1967, my...
  7. D

    UCV South Carolina Hat Pin

    Was wondering if anyone had any info on this UCV hat pin and possible value. Thanks
  8. OldReliable1862

    What was the Best South Carolina Brigade in the ANV?

    There were three true South Carolina brigades in the Army of Northern Virginia: the Bonham-Kershaw-Kennedy brigade, the Jenkins-Bratton brigade, and the Gregg-MacGowan brigade. Kershaw's brigade did a great deal of hard fighting throughout its career. They fought in the Peach Orchard at...
  9. Rutherford Co NC CSA

    1st Regiment South Carolina Artillery

    Greetings Duncan, Warren A. 1st Regiment South Carolina Artillery from Pickens, SC I am looking for service information for a friend for his family member to know where he was when he was away serving in this unit. shows: 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment was organized during the fall...
  10. gentlemanrob

    First Ever Deep South Outing

    Do you enjoy visiting historical graves of Generals and Officers? Do you enjoy visiting historical homes, battlefields, and forts? Do you enjoy good fellowship and learning something new about the war? we will try to have guest speakers. If you answered yes then you must be interested in...
  11. damYankee

    Discussion The South Won Gettysburg ?

    Well, According to the Southern press,
  12. connecticut yankee

    Discussion Civil War Tintype---North or South?!?

    I just added this ninth plate tintype to my collection. I would bet the farm that it was taken 1861 - 1865. But I don't know if it depicts a northern or southern mother with her two sons. The clothing could be a big clue. Any thoughts or ideas?
  13. ucvrelics

    Discussion Are These The Last Guns Shipped South By The US and What Type Were They?

    Came across this interesting tidbit today in the CS Vets magazine. The article told of all the guns shipped South from 1859 until even as late a Jan 29th 1861. Where these 334 long-range? rifles the last ones the US shipped South and what type would they have been being early 1861.
  14. M

    Grant the demigod

    Why do we give superhuman attributes to people like Grant, Lee, and Lincoln. I know they were great men, but they were only human. Likewise for any famous women of the civil war. Admin, please move this thread if needed.
  15. Belle Montgomery

    The Great Courses: "A New History of the American South" - 24 Lectures

    The American South holds a special place in the minds of people around the world. The South’s extraordinarily colorful and dramatic history, its competing narratives of prosperity and cruelty, its role in the American Civil War, and its influence on the emerging conception of human rights...
  16. Belle Montgomery

    Hollywood's Image of the South: A Century of Southern Films

    This 2001 book looks to be a really good reference book, especially for movie buffs into old movies including back to the turn of the century! Goes back to 1908! Most are centered around the Civil War: "Several hundred films set in the Old South and the New South" are organized under such...
  17. WJC

    Was SC Preparing for War Before Lincoln's Election?

    South Carolina seceded December 20, 1860, followed by other states in early 1861. The accepted reason is that South Carolinians were shocked at the outcome of the 1860 election and feared that the incoming Lincoln Administration would end slavery or at the least curtail its expansion. This, we...
  18. HeroesandRebels

    Civil War Slang

    I have been busy at work creating a historical fiction novel revolving around a young lady who grew up in Georgia and was about sixteen at the start of the Civil War. In this novel, her beau goes off to fight in the war for the Confederacy. I'm trying to make the language believable, and I need...
  19. Belle Montgomery

    Honor, Civil War and the South-Do you agree with this?...
  20. WJC

    Antebellum Non-Slave Labor Conditions in America

    In discussing slavery, comparisons are sometimes made with labor conditions in the non-slavery states. Obviously slave labor distinguished one region of our country from others, but what about non-slave labor? Were non-slave labor conditions in the south different from those in the north and west?
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