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  1. E

    Discussion Soldiers listed as missing

    I hate to sound gruesome, but given the furiousity of the battles how many of the men listed as "missing" should be listed as killed. I know that some had just simply run off, but not as many as the rolls show as missing. Is it just that there wasn't anybody to identify them or see them fall, or...
  2. F

    Tintype - 3 Union Soldiers

    I have a tintype, have had it for so long I don't know where it came from or if it came with a box of family photos. It appears to be (IMHO) three union soldiers, one of whom has a medal and another whose skin is a bit darker than the other two. The tintype is obviously not in great shape, but...
  3. rebracer

    Bare headed Soldiers and Period Hair Styles

    I thought this photo would be of interest, it is of the 78th Pennsylvania posing at Lookout Mountain. What makes this interesting is every man in this photo has taken his hat off and their individual and varied hairstyles are visible for examination. As we do not get to see this often I thought...
  4. M

    Support of wounded soldiers.

    The former Confederacy had little it could do to aid Southern soldiers who had been injured in the War. But did the United States properly support wounded Union soldiers? Many of the former soldiers were in no condition to ever hold down regular jobs. Were the wounded former soldiers given...
  5. CivilWarTalk

    TOP 10 THREADS from the Soldiers Tales Forum 2019

    🎆 TOP 10 THREADS 🎉 2019 From the Soldiers Tales Forum 🎖️
  6. luinrina

    Soldiers, Politicians, & Other Men - 2019 in review

    2019 ♂️ in REVIEW 🎆 pictures: public domain P.G.T. Beauregard and George B. McClellan – other than them having left West Point as engineers, having been generals during the Civil War and even both using Fairfax Courthouse, Virginia, as headquarters (though most likely not at the same time...
  7. M

    Do we need books like this about Black Civil War soldiers?

    A gift from my wife and rather interesting. Basically a list of all African-Americans on both sides in the Southern Campaigns during the American Revolution with what each person did. About 700 pages of information between both books, If anyone else has these books, could this be a blue print...
  8. M

    Discussion Officers shooting their soldiers if the retreat.

    More than once during the Civil War officers threatened to shoot any soldier who fled from the battle. At times, soldiers were told to shoot any of their fellow soldiers who fled. Was this more of a threat than a real order? How common was it for an officer to kill their own soldiers if the fled...
  9. Cdoug96

    Discussion Artificial Intelligence and Photos of Civil War Soldiers.

    This is really really cool.
  10. M

    Discussion Did Soldiers Actually Sing?

    Are there a lot of records of units singing Battle Cry of Freedom or Bonnie Blue Flag (or others) into battle? Records of a lot of singing around the campfire? Or, was it more just done by the bands and everyone just knew the tunes?
  11. ratwod

    Discussion Gen. Forrest's "Band of Brothers" letter to his soldiers

    I found this while reading a Civil War era newspaper. You might find this interesting.
  12. Cdoug96

    Discussion Soldiers Used Hair Gel and Hair Dye in the Civil War It never occurred to me that soldiers might use hair gel or hair dye, but I guess it makes sense. I wounder if any famous men have pictures where this was used?
  13. Eleanor Rose

    Down, But Not Out

    Photograph of a hobo taken by Charles C. Pierce, 1861-1946. (Public Domain) Homelessness emerged as a national issue in the 1870s, when in the years following the Civil War a veritable army of homeless men swept across America. These men came to be known as hobos and slowly took command of...
  14. JPK Huson 1863

    Nashville ' Spectators ' Photographs, Write Their Description Please?

    LoC photograph from a kind of series from Nashville. Cropped to isolate the main scene, this is one of several. Everyone in them except a small girl in a doorway are intent on something transpiring in the distance. A man by an outhouse and a woman apparently in her yard, both transfixed...
  15. SWMODave

    It's criminal to expose your cotton

    During the late war, a feminine rebel, a Memphian, and a widow, who shall go by the name of Mrs, C——, was going up the river on one of the Cairo packets, when she got Into an excited discussion with Col. S—. on the subject of the war. “You may overrun the whole South," said Mrs. C——, “you may...
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    Painted Backdrops To The Bloody Backdrop Called War, 1861-1865

    One of far too many portraits employing a painted backdrop to keep track of, this one is marvelous. Like most, the slightly primitive quality enhances History IMO. It was an awfully primitive war- as are all wars. OK, after some ( a LOT ) of futile searching, ( and please note it's searching...
  17. JPK Huson 1863

    When Camp Mascots Are A Bad Idea, Or, An Unsurprising Series Of Events

    We've had a problematic relationship with the animal world since Day One. Fascination with our wild things of the woods resulted in trying to rub elbows with them far too frequently. Ads like this one of performing bears in a traveling circus, 1862, may have given these soldiers some idea the...
  18. JPK Huson 1863

    Discussion A Life Carved In Stone, Epitaphs Through Time

    We don't frequently see genuine epitaphs carved on headstones of those recently buried. I'm not sure when these inscriptions went out of vogue but they were around from the time anyone thought marking permanent graves with stone was a good idea. I've known people who refused any marker...
  19. JPK Huson 1863

    " A Kiss Is Just A Kiss... ", When We Did A Lot More Of It

    ' Our ' era, around mid-century 1800, unblushingly committed itself to kissing. No one had discovered how ' iew ' it was to let someone know they were lovely, or loved, or respected or cherished. So we kissed kinda a lot. NYPL Could be we've become a lot more conscious about kissing since...
  20. JPK Huson 1863

    " And We're Gonna Get Mar-ar-aried ", Soldiers Hope In News Print

    The point in using an illustration depicting a Regency era, instead of a mid-Victorian era bride is that we'd sure been at this whole wedding-dream thing awhile. With a war on decades later, men-en-mass proved a fertile hunting ground for anyone who slept with visions of tulle in their heads...
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